Donald Trump Shows Joe Biden How to Act Presidential by Comforting Laken Riley’s Parents

One of America’s last two presidents knows how to act humanely. The other is Joe Biden.

At his State of the Union address, Joe Biden tried — and failed — to ‘say her name.’ He botched Laken Riley’s name, twice, by calling her “Lincoln Riley” (a college football coach, by the way) and then downplayed the significance of her death. He even apologized for calling the inhumane animal who bashed in Riley’s head while she was jogging near the University of Georgia an “illegal.”

Tonight, former President Donald Trump not only said Laken Riley’s name correctly, but he gave Joe Biden a lesson on how to be humane towards a grieving family. Trump demanded justice for the 22-year-old nursing student, who was slain by a Venezuelan migrant named Jose Ibarra whom the Biden administration refused to deport.

Trump delivered a strong statement on behalf of Laken Riley in front of a Rome, Georgia campaign rally and with Riley’s parents in attendance.

“Laken Riley would be alive today if Joe Biden had not willfully and maliciously eviscerated the borders of the United States and set loose thousands and thousands of dangerous criminals into our country,” Trump said.

“To her family tonight, I promise you, I will demand justice for Laken,” he said as the crowd applauded. “Justice for Laken,” he emphatically repeated.

Donald Trump also comforted Laken Riley’s family.

“Tonight Donald Trump met with Laken Riley’s family and consoled them,” Travis from Flint noted. “Also tonight, Joe Biden went on TV and apologized for calling the man who did it an illegal. How can anyone vote for Biden at this point?”

The political commentator, of course, is remarking on Joe Biden’s about-face on using the term “illegal,” which is a term referring to a migrant who has illegally entered the United States without permission.

“Undocumented person,” Biden said, as if there are no such thing as immigration laws and the only thing a person needs to become a legal migrant is a “document.”

“And I shouldn’t have used ‘illegal.’ It is undocumented,” he said.

Biden’s rhetorical reversal came after the radical “Squad” led a campaign to compel him to take back the language.

“No human being is illegal,” Rep. Ayanna Presley (D-MA) claimed. “Just like we should not be implementing Republican policy, we should not be repeating Republican rhetoric.”

“No human being is illegal,” Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) remarked.

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“Let me be clear: No human being is illegal,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MI) echoed.

The Biden administration has tried various rebranding of terms for “illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant” as a justification for ignoring border enforcement and immigration law, including “migrant,” “undocumented person,” and “noncitizen.”

Podcaster Jesse Kelly noted the left’s deceptive use of language is intentionally designed to justify illegal or immoral policies.

“The Left’s response to Biden calling an illegal ‘illegal’ is proof why nobody on the Right should ever use the word ‘migrant’,” he said. “They rely on specific language because they rely on lies. So never, ever, ever use their words. Ever.”

Biden then goes on to pretend that he doesn’t use dehumanizing language against his political opponents, which is patently false.

“I’m not gonna treat any of these people with disrespect. They built this country,” he dishonestly added, conflating legal migrants with illegal migrants.

Attorney Viva Frei put Joe Biden’s cowardly reversal of his language in perspective.

“Imagine how Laken Riley‘s parents must feel watching that demented old demon apologize for calling the illegal immigrant accused of killing their daughter an ‘illegal’. It is intentional insult to injury. It is utterly inhumane,” Frei remarked.

Joe Biden not only failed to say Laken Riley’s name at the State of the Union address, but he also appeared to minimize the significance of her unfortunate death.

“Lincoln… Lincoln Riley, an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal,” he went on. “That’s right! But how many of thousands of people being killed by legals (?) to where parents… I say my heart goes out to you, having lost children myself. I understand.”

Joe Biden has the authority as commander-in-chief to shut down the border without an act of Congress. His administration has issued dozens of executive actions that have made it easier for illegal immigrants to make it into the country.

There have been between seven and ten million illegal migrants who have come into the country on Biden’s watch. One of them killed Laken Hope Riley.

ICE spokesperson Lindsay Williams explained the circumstances of her suspected murderer’s presence in the United States before he allegedly bludgeoned Riley to death.

“Jose Ibarra, a 26-year-old citizen of Venezuela, was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Sept. 8, 2022, after unlawfully entering the United States near El Paso, Texas. He was paroled and released for further processing,” Williams said.

“On Aug. 31, 2023, Ibarra was arrested by the New York Police Department and charged with acting in a manner to injure a child less than 17 and a motor vehicle license violation,”  Williams added. “He was released by the NYPD before a detainer could be issued.”

The House on Thursday passed a bill that would deport illegal migrants in the U.S. who have committed certain crimes. The legislation was named in memory of the once-promising and luminating student. 170 Democrats voted against the bill.

Republican Rep. Mike Collins of Georgia, the bill’s sponsor, who represents the district where Riley died, said that he believes it should pass the senate.

“It should pass the Senate,” he said. “That doesn’t mean it will or it would, but it should. This is common sense legislation. This is good legislation, and this can help our local law enforcement, so I would hope that the Senate would look at it from that standpoint.”

“There’s nothing wrong with this bill,” he continued. “There’s nothing I could see that they could point at and say ‘That’s wrong,’ with this bill. And if we can pass this, we should pass it. It’s got a good chance of helping save a life.”

Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia also weighed in on the legislation.

“Her murderer was arrested in New York City weeks before and was released. Why shouldn’t he have been deported at that moment, by committing a crime?” he asked.

Donald Trump is seeking justice for Laken Riley and comforting her parents. Biden not only failed to meet with her grieving parents, but he cannot even say the name of the woman who was killed by his border crisis.

By Melinda Davies
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