Donald Trump Returns to ‘Twitter’ with a Post That is Breaking the Internet

Donald Trump has finally returned to “Twitter.” It took him so long it is now called “X.”

His first post? It’s already busting out of the gate with an explosive reaction.

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The reactions to the post have been enthusiastic to say the least.

This follows upon Donald Trump’s record-breaking interview with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, which has amassed over 230 million views.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden appears to be fundraising over the political prosecution of his campaign rival by timing a post on X for the leaked release of the mugshot.

By Melinda Davies
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8 months ago

Fake Trump who partied with the Clinton’s he never arrested nor ever intended to then called them good people had four years to do something and didn’t. Warp speed murderer Trump, Epstein compromised RAPIST Trump, traitor that freed three Israeli spies including p0s Jonathan Pollard Trump. Fighting hard for GAYs Trump,  antigun bump stock, red flag, take guns first to Fineswine Trump…. McCarthy pusher Trump

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