Trump Demands Fani Willis’ Georgia Case Dropped after ‘Improper’ Romantic Relationship with Special Prosecutor Exposed

In a Truth Social post today, President Donald Trump weighed in after it was revealed that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has been in an alleged “improper” romantic relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Trump shared a clip of Fox News Jesse Watters reporting on the matter and asked:

“When is Fani going to drop the case, or should it be dropped for her?”

“She is in more legal difficulty than any of the many people that she wrongfully indicted,” Trump insisted.

In the clip, Watters laid out the case against Willis, which was revealed as part of a motion from Trump’s co-defendant Mike Roman.

Among the allegations in the report is that the pair have gone on luxury vacations and cruises together using taxpayer funds.

Trump also discussed the situation after a Washington, D.C. hearing over presidential immunity arguments in a separate, federal 2020 election interference case against him.

“You had a very big event yesterday as you saw in Georgia where the district attorney is totally compromised,” Trump said.

“The case has to be dropped.”

Trump added:

“They went after 18 or 20 people. …

“She was out of her mind.

“Now it turns out that case is totally compromised.”

By Liam Donovan
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