Biden Suffers Embarrassing Moment of ‘Confusion,’ Gets Mocked by Trump

President Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden’s latest moment of “confusion” during a packed-out rally on Saturday.

Biden had an embarrassing moment at a ceremony honoring the nation’s military members on Veterans Day.

At Arlington National Cemetery, Biden required stage directions from a military member during the solemn wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as part of Veterans Day observances.

In order to position the floral wreath atop a stand situated in the plaza in front of the memorial honoring America’s missing and unidentified war dead, Biden needed the aid of a member of the tomb’s honor guard.

Biden took a step back from the wreath and momentarily hesitated before signing the cross onto himself.

After stepping back, turning, and taking several steps away from the wreath, he pivoted back and re-approached the officer.

As the military member raised a gloved hand toward Vice President Kamala Harris from a distance of several feet, the president joined the others back in line.

Monica Crowley and Matthew Marsden weighed in on the excruciating moment.

“Embarrassing and horrifying,” Crowley remarked.

“The human roomba strikes again,” said Marsden.

“And the GOP still can’t beat him.”

On Saturday, Trump responded by mocking Biden.

In New Hampshire, Trump used the campaign event to poke fun at his political rival Biden whom he constantly referred to as ‘crooked.’

“He would be confused because I think my audience behind me is bigger than my audience in front of me,” he jested.

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“He’d be saying what do I do, where am I. What is this strange speaking venue I’m in the middle of a room,” he went on.

“You ever see the end of his speech? He has no clue how to get off. You got stairs there, jump off the front, do anything just don’t walk into a wall,” he joshed.

“He walks into walls,” Trump added. “But this is the guy we have negotiating with Putin and president Xi of China.

“This is who we have in charge of nuclear.”

A few times, Trump jokingly mixed up the Biden and Obama presidencies.

However, Trump’s critics claimed Trump was also confused.

The DeSantis campaign jumped all over these mix-ups. As did the mainstream media.

“We talk about Biden’s age a lot…Trump has become also increasingly confused about things,” Jon Karl argued.

“He confuses basic facts, says some rather strange things, but there isn’t much attention paid.”

Former Trump acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell pushed back on Karl’s narrative.

ABC’s Jon Karl “today is mocking Donald Trump for being ‘confused’. Karl covers Washington DC and ignores President Biden in moments like this…,” he pointed out, adding, “The media is totally corrupt.”

By Melinda Davies
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6 months ago

He confuses Biden & Obama, because it’s really the O’Biden admin..
Barry is still calling the plays & immitation joe is the Baffoon at the satanict alter!!!

6 months ago

I now agree he shouldn’t be impeached – he should be committed

6 months ago

Biden has dementia but so does Trump…time to ignore’em both and move on

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