Desperate Dems Call in Big Guns as Nancy Pelosi Begs for Votes with Radical Virginia Senator who was Charged in Statue Desecration Riot

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who once said of historical monument desecration by violent Democrats rioters “people will do what they do” is begging Virginia Democrats to show up to the polls.

On November 7th, Virginia will hold elections that will determine who will control the state general assembly.

Currently, Democrats control the Senate and Republicans control the House. Both parties want to take charge of both.

With the volatile political climate and historical low turnouts of off year elections, this could be anyone’s game, and with Joe Biden’s poll numbers in the toilet, Democrats are nervous.

Virginia has been a blue state for a long time in recent history after being a swing state for a much longer time before that. Republicans shocked the world two years ago when Glenn Youngkin became Governor.

Now the test of whether or not that was a fluke will be held. Nancy Pelosi did a video with Democrat Senator Louise Lucas begging for Democrats to vote:

“TUESDAY, 11/7 – Virginia voters can defend reproductive freedoms and STOP Extreme Republicans from punishing women and their doctors. Make calls to Get Out The Vote for VA Democrats!”

Lucas has a history of vile language and behavior and was once charged with her participation in a riot that included statue desecration.

Democrats at the time used what many believed to be corruption and their power to get her off the hook and fire the police chief who charged her, however.

Pelosi has a history of casually supporting such behavior:

Time will tell how Virginia’s and other upcoming states’ elections unfold and what they mean about the bigger 2024 ramifications in the coming days.

By Liam Donovan
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James Wills
James Wills
6 months ago

Just one look was all it took. HT to Sonny and Cher

6 months ago


more like a Cap pistol, that has run out of Blanks!!!

6 months ago

Didn’t her shelf-life expire two decades ago? Anyone really give a damn what she has to say about anything? Irrelevant beyotch – just like her nephew newsome the knucklehead..

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