DeSantis Team Dealt Blow: Twitter Influencers Slam Video with Fake Image of Trump Hugging Fauci

Governor Ron DeSantis’ influencer team is using artificial intelligence-generated images in his campaign for president.

DeSantis War Room Twitter account run by DeSantis political aide Christina Pushaw released a video Monday attacking former President Donald Trump for not firing Anthony Fauci.

In the video, a collage of AI-generated images show Trump and Fauci embracing and getting along. The images were used to bolster the DeSantis campaign’s attack on Trump.

Senior advisor to Trump Jason Miller shared an article about DeSantis’ use of AI images. He added to his tweet, “What a phony.” referencing Florida’s governor.

“What a phony. “DeSantis uses AI-generated images to attack Trump and Fauci in campaign ad” | Washington Examiner”

Podcaster Tim Pool tweeted screenshots from an article along with:

“Holy fuck this is dirty as shit DeSantis War Room is running AI Images of Trump embracing Fauci This crosses the line”

One of the article screenshots reads, “The fake images depict Trump kissing Fauci on the cheek, allowing the DeSantis campaign to frame Trump as a close supporter of Fauci’s policies combatting COVID-19.”

It appears DeSantis is all in for bolstering a false narrative. He doesn’t appear to have any issue with using false propaganda to try to mislead the public.

DeSantis is only entering his third week of officially campaigning for president. It appears he is already desperate as polling shows him lagging quite far behind Trump.

Some DeSantis members tried to compare obvious fake images made to be memes to AI that might trick people. Tim Pool posted a couple examples using some sarcasm in one.

By Hunter Fielding
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