Denver Mayor Put on Blast After Announcing Budget Cuts Due to Spending on Illegal Aliens

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced on Friday morning that there would be service cuts that the city would implement in response to a dire fiscal situation.

During the press conference, Johnston focused on Congress and their inability to tackle the border crisis. He stated that a resolution would have eased the city’s responsibility of providing services to unauthorized immigrants.

“We would have a balanced flow of people that would come with work authorization. That would come with federal resources, and cities like ours could successfully integrate them,” said Johnston.

He emphasized that these are just the beginning of a series of budget reductions that would be implemented equally throughout Denver.

Johnston announced cuts to the DMV and Parks and Recreation to free up more resources to pay for the unauthorized migrants. He added that hourly workers can anticipate fewer hours and on-call and seasonal workers will be the most affected.

Mayor Johnston remarked that there were almost 4,000 people in shelter, at least 80% of them being families and kids.

“We hit 5,000 people about a month ago. That was 12 times the volume we had seen previously, and so that was what we were prepared for budgeting,” he said.

Mayor Johnston then tried to pin the blame for the budget cuts on “selfish” Republicans in Congress refusing to pass the “border security” bill.

“They would have rather seen it fail so they could exacerbate these problems, extend the suffering of the American people and for newcomers for their own election chances this November,” he said.

According to Johnston, this is the first wave of cuts, but it is far from the last or most painful.

Chaya Raichik, known for her popular X account LibsofTikTok, noted that, “Democrats made Denver a sanctuary city in 2017. Democrats control Colorado and passed progressive immigration policies in 2021.”

There were several reactions to Mayor Johnston attempting to blame Republicans for the migrant crisis in Denver.

“Always blaming Republicans for the failures of Democrat policies,” X account Planet of Memes remarked.

“Hey @MikeJohnstonCO , how is this in ANY WAY a Republican issue? Democrats told illegals to come to Denver by making Denver a sanctuary city. This is 100% on @coloradodems,” Conservative Momma commented.

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“But they keep getting elected. It’s maddening,” Mary Helene said.

“Denver and CO progressives voted for sanctuary city, zero bail, no jail time, and defund the police,” said @PeterWagnr. “Congratulations Denver, you won on all of those issues!!! Bask in the glory of your voting and please enjoy all of your new neighbors.

“There hasn’t been a Republican in years in Denver. That city is as Blue as can be,” noted @Shayedaway72.

“Denver is going to turn into a sh*thole just like San Francisco if this keeps up. Just wait,” said Paul A. Szypula. “Slowly but surely all of the resources meant for Americans will be spent catering to illegals. There’s nothing stopping it from getting worse under Democrat leadership.”

By Melinda Davies
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John Acord
John Acord
19 days ago

Only 5000 illegals were sent to Denver. Please Governor Abbot send at least another 20,000, Break them and the citizens of Denver just might, highly unlikely, vote this POS out and run the illegals out of town. Denver and Colorado have to be shocked back into compliance with the law.

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