Denver Introduces Hotline to Encourage Residents to Host Illegal Immigrants in Their Homes

In Denver, Colorado, as in many cities across the country, the surge of illegal immigrants is leading to a real-time collapse.

Denver’s mayor has recently reduced police funding by $8 million only to keep catering to illegal immigrants.

Advocacy groups claim that six months of free housing and food are not enough and is “insulting.”

A new initiative is urging individuals with “extra room” to accommodate illegals in their homes. They have established a helpful hotline to expedite the hosting process.

“Hope Has No Borders” is working to pair illegals with host families across Colorado, and this can now be expedited via a new hotline.

As reported by KDVR, “Now, with help from the United Way, getting paired up is a simple phone call away by dialing 211.”

More from the KDVR:

Erin Lennon is one of the many hosts the organization has paired with migrants. She didn’t realize the scope of Denver’s migrant crisis until talking with a friend late last year.

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“Wow this is not just a little problem, this is a big problem,” she remembers thinking.

A single mom with a spare bedroom in the house, she felt a call to help.

“Why aren’t you doing something? You know?” she said. “Just in my heart, that’s what I was telling myself.”

She found her solution through Hope Has No Borders, which has paired 500 migrants with host families since late last year.

These “generous” people aren’t helping for free. The organization provides financial stipends to hosts for things like food and utility bills.

Denver, with a population exceeding 700,000, boasts a Democratic majority of 79.6% and is identified as Colorado’s most liberal city.

The city has seen almost 40,000 flow into their community in the last 15 months.

If every Democrat opened their home to an illegal, they would all be sheltered.

So why doesn’t every illegal in the city already have a leftist roof over their head?

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By Hunter Fielding
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