Democrats PANIC After Discovering Massive Anomaly

The recent survey conducted by The New York Times and Siena College has raised concerns among Democrats aiming to maintain control of the Senate in the upcoming November elections. The latest poll results, released on Monday, indicate that former President Donald Trump is currently ahead of President Joe Biden in five crucial swing states: Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Only 33 percent of registered voters expressed their intention to vote for President Biden if the election were held today, while 40 percent indicated they would vote for Trump.

However, the situation appears different in Senate elections, with 45 percent of voters leaning towards Democrats and 40 percent towards Republicans. Despite this, some election strategists interviewed by The Daily Caller cautioned Democrats against becoming overly optimistic about these findings.

“It shows you the depths of disappointment that most voters have with Biden, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans. There’s just a lot of disappointment in Biden. If I were Biden, I would be extremely alarmed by this gap that you’ve got voters out there saying, ‘Yeah, I’d like to vote for this Democratic senator, but not Joe Biden.’ That is a huge red flag for them,” a top CNN said.

“One thing a poll doesn’t simulate is turnout. So, if Joe Biden is weak at the top of the ticket, we have two problems for the Democratic party. First one is he’s weak at the top of the ticket. He’s likely to lose,” communications adviser Mark R. Weaver said.

“But problem number two for the rest of the ticket is when the top of your ticket is weak, it depresses turnout of your base. So those people who are senators who are scoring higher in the poll in the cross tabs, that’s with people who got on the phone or got online and took the poll. That’s not measuring that many of them won’t actually show up to vote for that Democratic senate candidate because they’re so depressed or disillusioned with Joe Biden,” he said.

It is argued by some that the discrepancy exists because Republicans have been more successful in focusing on Biden rather than effectively messaging against the Democratic Party.

“I would think that is a logical reasoning for the gap. That is a logical reason. So I would ascribe to that possibility … Let it all be blamed on Biden and therefore all cleaned up,” Robert Cahaly, who founded the polling company the Trafalgar Group, said. Weaver and Jennings concurred with the evaluation, however, they also mentioned that the timing of the poll might have influenced the results.

“I think that’s possible, but that messaging would come later in the campaign. That’s a September message. That’s not a May message. Right now, most Republican Senate candidates are not spending money advertising, they’re organizing,” Weaver said.

“But it’s awfully early to measure that because you’re not seeing large amounts of Republican Senate advertising yet. It’s too early to be messaging,” he said.

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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27 days ago

We must eliminate Leftists from government!
It’s the IDEOLOGY stupid! Forget the people and personalities. Vote for Freedom over Leftist tyranny!

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