Democratic Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Provide $2,600 Payment to Inmates Upon Release from Prison

A fresh bill proposed in Albany aims to provide recently released inmates with approximately $2,600, aiming to assist them in transitioning back into society and getting back on their feet.

State Senator Kevin Parker and Assemblyman Eddie Gibbs have put forth a bill that proposes allowing former inmates to receive roughly $400 per month for six months following their release from prison. They are requesting that $25 million be allocated for this initiative.

As reported by Fox 5 New York, at present, there are no restrictions on how or where the money can be utilized.

State Senator George Borrello is against the proposed legislation:

“My colleagues seem to think that these these are folks that are a victim of circumstances,” Borrello said. “You chose to commit a crime in New York State. If you really are concerned about how much money you’re going to have in your pocket when you leave prison, then don’t go there to begin with.”

Right now when people leave prison they are given $40, which comes from their garnished earnings behind bars.

“In this economy that amount is barely enough to get groceries or purchase clothes for a job interview,” bill sponsor Assemblyman Gibbs said.

“The first 72 hours after release are crucial in determining an individual’s successful reintegration into society. By increasing the amount to up to $2550 in the span of a few months we allow folks the opportunity to reach their full potential. This isn’t just a social justice bill but a public safety one. We need to start offering real support to folks re-entering society if we want to reduce recidivism and ensure stability and dignity for all.”

The suggested legislation is being introduced during a period when New York is grappling with a surge in criminal activity.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has recently unveiled a new strategy to deploy 750 National Guard members in an urgent bid to combat the widespread crimes afflicting New York City’s subway system.

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By Hunter Fielding
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