Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman: ‘Conservatives Are Holding Swastikas During Rallies All the Time’

In an interview on Fox News on Wednesday, Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) refrained from criticizing Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for not speaking out against Palestinian terrorism. He also asserted that “conservatives in the South” frequently organize rallies featuring “swastikas.”

On Wednesday, Lawrence Jones, the host of Fox & Friends, pointed out that several backers of the Palestinians have been seen at rallies in New York City holding swastikas.

Jones then mentioned Tlaib and asked Goldman whether he planned to return to Capitol Hill and “try to get them to rally for the Israeli people.”

In reply, Goldman insisted there are “fringe” members of every part.

“Look, there are fringe parts of many different parties. There are conservative marches in the south with swastikas all the time. Anti-Semitism is rampant,” the New York congressman stated.

Jones did not push back on Goldman’s claim about conservatives, and replied, “100 percent.”

But Jones then asked, “So what do you say to your party? What do you say to…”

“I’ve had conversations with them. And — and, you know, Representative Ocasio-Cortez has condemned both that rally and the Hamas attacks. And what we’re talking about here is terrorism,” Goldman said.

“And what we are emphasizing, and what President Biden said so forcefully yesterday and so strongly, is that we stand with Israel, our democratic ally. That is what the Democratic Party stands with. You — you can point to one or two different things, and I could point to many things on the right, that many of my Republican colleagues say is ridiculous, that no I don’t agree with that. The Democratic Party is in lockstep shoulder to shoulder with Israel,” he continued.

“We support them against terrorism, we support them to defend their own country and to continue to be our democratic, strong democratic ally in the Middle East,” Goldman added.


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By Hunter Fielding
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