Covid Shots Developed as ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction,’ Report Shows

The U.S. government developed Covid mRNA shots as “weapons of mass destruction” or WMDs, a bombshell new report has revealed.

Explosive new information has exposed the way the military-industrial complex and Big Pharma were able to pull off mass vaccination programs through the use of rushed medical countermeasure policies that were abused to unleash bioweapons onto the masses.

Debbie Lerman, a graduate of Harvard University and retired science writer, published a report on COVID-19 vaccines, specifically those of the mRNA (modRNA) variety, which were unleashed without the normal restraints of law and regulation precisely because the purveyors of the so-called “pandemic” manipulated the law in their favor.

“The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were acquired and authorized through mechanisms designed to rush medical countermeasures to the military during emergencies involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD),” Lerman writes.

“These mechanisms did not require the application of, or adherence to, any laws or regulations related to vaccine development or manufacturing.”

“The Food and Drug Administration‘s (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization for the vaccines was based on clinical trials and manufacturing processes conducted with no binding legal standards, no legally prescribed safety oversight or regulation, and no legal redress from the manufacturer for potential harms. (This last point is being challenged in multiple court cases, so far to no avail.)”

In many ways, COVID was a vehicle the deep state created to usher in a new paradigm of medical lawlessness and rampant medical fascism.

In the process, the globalists also unleashed an actual pandemic of “died suddenly” cases, as well as myocarditis, pericarditis, and “turbo cancers.”

“What all of this means is that none of the laws or regulations that we count on to protect us from potentially harmful, or deadly, medical products were applied to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines,” Lerman maintains.

“The assertion of ‘safe and effective’ was based entirely on the aspirations, opinions, beliefs and presumptions of government employees.”

Another abnormal aspect of the way COVID jabs were unleashed via the government contracts that were established with the likes of Pfizer.

Pfizer-BioNTech contracted with the United States government to produce 100 million doses of a “vaccine to prevent COVID-19.”

That contract was for at least $1.95 billion with the option to add more doses to the pipeline.

Much like what the U.S. government did after the 9/11 false flag by launching the “war on terror,” the powers that be (TPTB) used COVID to launch a war on the “virus,” relegating all of the usual laws and constitutional restraints straight into the dustbin.

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“The government declared that we were ‘at war’ with a catastrophically dangerous virus that would kill millions and millions of people of all ages unless we could develop ‘medical countermeasures’ (a military term) and get everyone to take them as quickly as possible,” Lerman writes.

It must be stressed that on the government’s side of the deal in all this, the Department of Defense (DOD) admitted that the agency and its allied organizations would be “charged exclusively with military objectives.”

“This is crucial, because the laws and procedures governing military procurement have a very different set of assumptions and cost-benefit considerations than those used in civil society,” Lerman says.

“In fact, agencies governing civilian and public health, such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the Department of Health and Human Services, do not have the authority to grant certain types of special acquisition contracts, which is why the COVID-19 vaccine contracts had to be overseen by the DOD.”

This damning new evidence proves that Covid was a pre-planned psychological operation and bioweapons plot to depopulate and reinvent the world.

Conveniently, the World Economic Forum (WEF) was waiting in the wings with its globalist “Great Reset” agenda from the very beginning.

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

this will not end well , for many …

1 month ago

Old but apparently quite accurate news

Graham Booker
Graham Booker
1 month ago

While our very own UK Prime Minister (not only unelected but not wanted by the party’s own members) continues with the safe and effective lies yesterday.

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