Covid Shots Confirmed as Far More Deadly than Virus

A groundbreaking new study has finally confirmed what many had suspected all along – that Covid mRNA shots are far more deadly to humans than the virus they were supposed to protect against.

Researchers recently and “reluctantly” concluded, as reported by the Brownstone Institute, that for the COVID-19 pandemic, “nothing that governments did had any effect,” and there was “only cost, no benefit.”

Other researchers reported that “despite the implementation of containment measures and COVID-19 vaccines,” global excess mortality has been rising.

With the death spikes and disabilities aligning with the dates of the vaccine and booster rollouts and mandates, doctors are concerned the vaccines were the cause.

In hindsight, it appears the most important, hard-earned lesson of the last pandemic is that we need a “vaccine” against the authoritarian impulses that a pandemic can inflame and empower.

Just a booster would suffice because our primary protection systems are already in place.

As both a nation and as individuals, we just need to exercise them and, along with our own intuition and common sense, work to strengthen and maintain a sort of mental muscle memory that will automatically kick in the next time a “pandemic” inevitably happens. At the moment, a looming bird flu crisis appears to fit the bill.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we understood that we had a sort of natural immunity against sweeping rights-crushing edicts by virtue of our Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and a framework of government designed to ensure those rights were protected.

But suddenly, in March 2020, we found that it had all become a fragile network of safeguards, easily broken.

Beyond the halls of government, we found that even in the privacy of our doctor’s examining rooms, everything changed.

We had thought we were served by a medical community that focused on the evaluation and treatment of one patient at a time and upheld the right of a patient to agree to medical treatment with informed consent. Indiscriminate “public health” decrees, mandates, and compliance and compensation programs shattered that illusion.

Until COVID-19, we had heard of or witnessed firsthand medical staff trying practically everything to save a patient, including prescribing drugs off-label and with regard to the anecdotal experiences of other physicians. But then, in 2020, many of us were told by our doctors to stay home with COVID until our “lips turned blue.”

We were told not to listen to reports of prevention, early treatment, or medications that were saving lives because it was “misinformation.”

Shockingly, government-sponsored censorship of physicians and others expressing dissenting viewpoints and conflicting information became rampant.

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In the past, we had also shared the common sense that if a person had no symptoms, they were not only not ill but also very likely not contagious.

If a person was repeatedly “tested” for a virus, certain tests could indicate they were infected when instead they merely had some sort of similar viral fragment from the past—not necessarily infectious nor contagious.

But frequent, invasive tests—even of the asymptomatic—became the required keys for entry into the world outside the isolation of our homes.

Before we understood that vaccines were impractical for rapidly mutating viruses, were a substitute for naturally acquired immunity, and that if they were effective, the vaccinated person was protected by their vaccine.

But when the COVID vaccines rolled out, the “experts” declared that not only was natural immunity inconsequential, but that a vaccine recipient was protected by the vaccines of others, a notion reinforced by rules requiring the unvaccinated to wear masks around the vaccinated.

Masks were mandated, even though most states had decades-old public safety laws outlawing the wearing of masks in public places. Not only were masks nonsensical and unhealthy, but they were also dehumanizing.

They hindered communication, muffled voices, concealed expressions, frightened children, and caused those with mental illness to withdraw from conversation.

Along with the frequent testing, social-distancing signs, and tape-covered entrances, playgrounds, and park benches, masks served as constant reminders of the pandemic and exacerbated an unhealthy fixation on disease and death.

They enabled society to more readily regard the faceless others not as fellow human beings with souls but instead as dangerous, walking germs to be avoided.

The forced confinement, suffocating masking, and repetitive and often painful testing also proved useful tools to set the stage of eager anticipation for a “warp speed” vaccine that would be heralded and welcomed as the only respite from all the discomfort.

Meanwhile, loved ones were dying alone inside hospitals, and our elderly were suffering from loneliness and broken hearts in nursing homes.

Schools were closed. Businesses were shut down. Churches stood empty.

Later, reopenings were limited by new arbitrary rules on distancing and capacity, forcing many to close permanently.

And since it was an important election year, rules on mail-in voting were loosened to the point that fraud was inevitable, creating further unrest.

Massive shoulder-to-shoulder protests for “social justice” causes like Black Lives Matter were approved by public health officials, while at the same time, the cries of “If it only saves one life!” were tossed about by the “I Know Best” crowd to justify shutting down birthday parties and choir practices and even throwing those who refused the orders in jail—not for actual crimes committed, but because it was the “moral” thing to do.

By 2021, even the established definitions of “vaccine” and “efficacy” and notions of informed consent and “my body, my choice” were completely upended by the new mRNA injections and mandates.

Suddenly, the state had determined it had the right to coerce medical treatment by withholding employment, access to education, and community participation.

Most obeyed, and those far down the ranks from the upper echelons of the “experts” enforced compliance, and too many did so happily.

HIPAA was ignored, and people from restaurant hostesses to security staff demanded others show vaccine certification for entry.

A similar interest, however, was lacking over the quickly apparent and multiplying reports of vaccine injuries.

There was an unwritten, heavily censored rule: “Ask about vaccine status, but don’t talk about vaccine injuries.”

The media promoted and protected the “safe and effective” narrative, ensuring that vaccine injuries seemed as rare as the supposedly rare “breakthrough infections.”

The vaccine manufacturers, exempt from liability and benefiting from mandates and government marketing, rather than spending time investigating injuries, instead worked on creating boosters for the next strain and their bottom line.

The COVID-19 pandemic response—not the virus itself—nearly crushed us: our economy, our rights, and our psyches. We lost loved ones. Livelihoods.

Personal relationships were broken and many have still not healed.

Many lost their health from vaccine injuries.

Many lost their minds from the fear and still live in it.

You still see them walking alone in a parking lot, still wearing a mask, probably anxiously awaiting their next booster.

Overall, the pandemic response and “vaccine” cure aren’t proving to be the only things worse than the disease.

Fear proved to be much more potent and deadly—both literally and figuratively.

But sadly, really nothing has been admitted, litigated, punished or legislated such that it would prevent it all—or worse—from happening again.

So when the next pandemic arrives, bringing along with it tyranny under the guise of “health security,” we must rely on our Creator-endowed, recently-boosted immunity and have the resolve to say:

No. Never again. My body. My choice. My informed consent.

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

“… doctors are concerned the vaccines were the cause.”
Duh! It’s been how many years that Conspiracy Truthers have been telling you this? I guess CNN or MSNBC never passed it on.
It was simple observational SCIENCE! Forced shots, then people die. I was there. I saw it unfold. It was very plain…except to the White Coats paid to push it.
So…now what would a responsible humanity do after a global biological attack? Wait for the next Plandemic? Have a moment of silence for the millions of gullible souls disposed of? Or, should we root out and destroy the elite eugenicists DEMANDING the disposal of most humans?
You see…COVID was a farce…fear porn to justify mandating the death serum! When COVID peaked, it just happened to be the FLU SEASON, where about 30 thousand Americans die annually…normally. Oddly, the FLU virtually disappeared while COVID was raging. Think about that! Flu-like symptoms! We were HAD, world!
The attack was planned and implemented by the oligarchs and fantasy rulers who want the “herd thinned!”
They admit their treachery. NEWS ADDICTS has been the leading source for exposing these traitors to humanity, and the NAZI-like organization spearheading the extermination and subsequent NEW RULES for the remaining few. It is the WEF in Davos, Switzerland.
They admit their complicity daily. They brag about “penetrating” the governments of the world with their minions!
Maybe it’s time we held Nuremberg 2.0. Since the Elites show no signs of stopping their genocidal plans, perhaps humanity is owed some justice?
One thing is sure. Unchecked, the lofty elites have no intention of stopping UNTIL YOU ARE GONE!
Is it time for humanity to eliminate this impending threat? Or, will we meekly wait, and mindlessly obey, in the next effort to destroy us?

1 month ago

Fact: We live in a totalitarian society. The Constitution is just a piece of paper to our masters, to be discarded at their whim.

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