Country Music Star Aaron Lewis to Left-Wing Cancel Mob: ‘You Know What? F*CK You’

Country music artist Aaron Lewis has some strong words for the liberal cancel culture movement.

“F*ck you.”

In a recent interview with The Spectator, Aaron Lewis explained his firm position when questioned about past encounters with cancel culture mobs targeting him.

“Mob rule is not the United States of America. Period, the end,” he said.

“To the left, it’s either you adhere to our narrative and our objective or you are an outcast. You have no voice to participate. You have no opinion. You’re a deplorable. And you know what? F*ck you,” he continued.

Lewis has stirred controversy among left-leaning individuals for his openly patriotic songs that boldly address the perceived negative impacts of woke ideology.

He even famously rallied his fans in a chant of “F*ck Joe Biden” during one of his concerts.

His upcoming album “The Hill,” set to release this Friday, continues his confrontational approach, showcasing protest songs like “Let’s Go Fishing” and “Made in China.”

“Let’s Go Fishing” addresses the economic struggles experienced by working-class Americans during the Biden administration, highlighting the necessity for some to “work two jobs and rob a bank / to put food on the table and gas in your tank.”

“I’m not going to try to sugarcoat anything and say that the song’s not political, it’s totally political,” Lewis said.

The singer has no intention of toning down his outspokenness.

“Usually when I walk away from a record going, ‘S*it did I say too much? Did I expose too much of my inner workings?’ That’s usually a sign that I wrote a good record and I did what I was supposed to do, which was utilize that opportunity to get some of my innermost, deepest thoughts and feelings out,” he said.

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Lewis stated that his new album encapsulates his perspective on freedom.

“The album really lays out freedom in both directions,” he told The Spectator.

“I don’t care what you do. I don’t care how you live your life, that’s your choice. But don’t impose it upon me. I don’t have to agree. That’s taking it too far,” he continued.

In 2021, Lewis’s patriotic anthem “Am I the Only One” surged up the iTunes charts, surpassing Big Red Machine’s “Renegade” featuring Taylor Swift during the July 4th weekend.

“Am I the only one here tonight, shakin’ my head and think’ something ain’t right,” Lewis sings. “Is it just me, am I losing my mind, am I standing on the edge at the end of time?”

“Am I the only one not brainwashed? Makin’ my way through the land of the lost. Who still gives a shit, and worries ’bout his kids. As they try to undo all the things he did?’ Lewis sings in another verse.

Two versions of Lewis’s song, including the explicit version and a radio-friendly edit, claimed the second and third positions on iTunes’ Top Songs list on Saturday, displacing Swift to the fifth spot.


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By Hunter Fielding
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