Country Legend and Patriot Jason Aldean Overrules Liberal Cancellation Attempt at Ohio Concert: ‘I Love Our Country’, as New Song Hits Number One on iTunes

Jason Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” is number one on iTunes. It seems the frothy mouthed rabidly furious liars on the left have failed again.

After attempting to brand the country legend racist simply because he loves peace and his nation, Aldean’s fans have rallied around him.

Despite CMT pulling his new song as a cave to woke rage mob, the concerts are going off without a hitch. Last night in Ohio, Aldean solidified his opinions about who he is despite the left wing lies.

“NEW: Jason Aldean refuses to back down during his Cincinnati concert last night in response to backlash from his new music video, ‘Try That in a Small Town’ where Aldean condemns far-left riots.

“What I am is a proud American.”

“I love our country. I want to see it restored to what it once was before all this bulls*** started happening to us.”

“I love my country, I love my family, and I will do anything to protect that. I can tell you that.”

This is how you stand up to the woke mob ? “

Earlier we reported:

It’s seems that while right wing boycotts of things like Bud Light are working, left wing boycotts are backfiring. Keep it up lefties!

The left is perpetually angry about racism and other things. Many feel they exaggerate historically bad things to feign outrage and raise money for campaigns.

It seems to the left that complaining about violent illegal rioting is worse than the act itself. That’s where our country is in 2023 sadly. Let’s just hope they don’t try any more rioting anytime soon.

By Liam Donovan
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