Congressman Greg Steube Accuses Joe Biden of Treason

U.S. House Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) called Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings “treasonous activity” on the eve of the Fourth of July.

Conservative podcaster Benny Johnson had Steube on as a guest of ‘The Benny Show.” Johnson asked Steube, “As you see the evidence and you see the countries that were targeted by the Biden crime syndicate for enrichment, it was Russia, it was China, it was middle eastern countries that hate us, it was a lot of countries that don’t like America that don’t like the way that we do business here and it seems as though they were strip mining this nation and selling us off for parts to some of our biggest enemies, it does seem treasonous. Do you think this rises to the level of treason?”

“I 100% believe it rises to the level of treason,” Steube answered. “And I hope if a Republican, God willing, wins the presidency in 2024 after he is out whether it is impeachment of getting beat at the ballot box in 2024 that they will move forward with charges like that. And in having control of the DOJ and the FBI from the presidential side a new administration Republican administration that’s going to get rid of all these jokers like Jake Sullivan and the like, and put people in there that care about our country.”

He continued, “I don’t think you could give others examples of evidence that you’ve given and laid out that Joe Biden and his family has done to use their political position to get money. And you know that the position we’re taking right now on China the position we’re taking on Ukraine. They were involved in getting millions from Ukraine, and we wonder why Joe Biden supported giving 160 billion dollars of your tax dollars to Ukrainians.”

“I mean they still have those contacts and those relationships. You don’t think there’s something on the back end coming back for them at some point?” Steube pointed to. “So absolutely this is treasonous activist from the highest level of office in our country.”

The House Judiciary and Oversight Committees have been investigating different leads that point to possible criminal activity involving Joe Biden and his family during his time as vice president under Obama.

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has also been assisting in putting pressure on the FBI to obtain documents that open the door to possible Biden family criminal dealings.

The Judiciary Committee uncovered an incriminating text message sent from Hunter Biden on WhatsApp. Rep. James Comer has fought a battle with the FBI to get a whistleblower disclosure form released to the Oversight Committee so that they can investigate to determine if the FBI is doing its job in the investigation of Hunter and Joe Biden.

Steube wants to see charges brought against Biden. He is hopeful that a Republican administration will take control in the next election and take the steps to guide the DOJ to those charges.

By Liam Donovan
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