Congress Releases THOUSANDS Of Hours Of Previously Hidden Tapes…

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has fulfilled his promise by making available an extra 5,000 hours of security footage captured during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol Building. According to a report by Just the News, this supplementary video equates to roughly 208 consecutive days of continuous viewing. The House Administration Oversight Subcommittee has taken the initiative to release this footage, as stated by the news outlet.

“House Republicans again commend subcommittee Chairman Barry Loudermilk and the entire Committee on House Administration for their ongoing commitment to ensuring that there is full transparency surrounding the events of January 6,” Johnson said in a statement.

Johnson had announced in November 2023 his plan to make the January 6, 2021, tapes available to the American public, and subsequently released 90 hours of footage.

There also appears to be even more video than what was released as the subcommittee committed to “continue to release the remaining footage online as expeditiously as possible so that it is accessible to every American.”

Certain new videos, which were released on Friday, had been previously published but were blurry. They have since been reloaded in an effort to enhance clarity.

“I appreciate Speaker Johnson’s continued support of our efforts and his resolute commitment to full transparency for the American people,” Loudermilk said. “Today’s decision will significantly expedite CCTV footage releases, all of which will be made available to the American public within the next few months without blurring or editing. The first batch is already available on our Rumble page.”

In a recent ruling, the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. made a decision that could have significant consequences for numerous individuals who were arrested after the Jan. 6 protest. The court concluded that some of these individuals were given “improper” sentences. Specifically, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit found that the sentence of Larry Brock, a former Air Force officer and defendant, was flawed because it incorrectly included charges of “interference with the administration of justice.”

Circuit Judge Millett, who authored the court’s opinion, stated that enhancing the sentence for interfering with Congress’ certification of the electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election was unwarranted. This ruling was reported by Fox News.

“Brock challenges both the district court’s interpretation of Section 1512(c)(2)’s elements and the sufficiency of the evidence to support that conviction. He also challenges the district court’s application of the three-level sentencing enhancement for interfering with the ‘administration of justice,’” Millett wrote.

Brock’s conviction was upheld by the appeals court, however, they disagreed with the sentencing and stated that the “administration of justice” enhancement should not be applied to interference with the legislative process of certifying electoral votes. Despite upholding other aspects of Brock’s conviction, the higher court decided to vacate his sentence and sent the case back to the district court for resentencing on the single charge of “interference”. It is worth noting that other defendants from the January 6 incident received longer sentences with the same enhancement, and now there is a possibility that those cases could be overturned as well.

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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1 month ago

Rabid Leftists in black robes had a free-for-all in trying and sentencing Patriots over J6!
Nancy Pelosi conceived of, and spearheaded the TRAP! “Insurrection” was discussed far in advance, as the actors were prepared for the Big Event! FBI in MAGA hats? Deception…the Democrat’s signature move. All choreographed and planned to criminalize Patriotism.
Thankfully, the Cognitive Dissonance is neutralized as Americans SEE FOR THEMSELVES how scheming and disengenuous the Radical Left, that has commandeered our government in a stolen election, actually is!
Keep the TRUTH coming, Mr. Johnson! The video (real) version is quite different from the Democrats (phony) description of events.
The more truth is revealed, the darker and more sinister the Left becomes!
It’s hard to realize the United States has been operated by the nation’s enemy since their theft in 2020. But, eventually it will sink in.
Mainstream media will try to hide or spin it. Believe your eyes, not the lies!

1 month ago

Where are the videos located in Rumble?

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