Congress Prepares to Investigate if the Billions Worth of US Weapons Gifted to the Taliban and Ukraine, Were Used by Hamas on Israel

In June, the Palestinian SAMA News Agency publicly disclosed that weapons left behind by Joe Biden and Mark Milley, when the Biden administration withdrew from Afghanistan, have made their way to Gaza.

This was only three months before the horrendous Hamas attack on Israel this past weekend. More than 1,300 Israelis and foreign nationals have died, with over 3,000 injured, and 120 Israelis taken captive and returned to Gaza.

In 2021, Joe Biden supplied the Taliban with $80 billion worth of U.S. weapons and equipment when he withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban took control.

Instead of destroying the equipment before leaving the country, Joe Biden handed over almost $85 billion in U.S. military equipment to the Taliban.

Republican lawmakers are now preparing to investigate whether the billions in weapons supplied by Joe Biden, sent to Ukraine, and left in Afghanistan, were utilized by Hamas in their recent attack on Israeli citizens.

As reported by Just the News:

Lawmakers in Congress emerged this week from classified briefings on the Israeli terror attack determined to launch a probe into whether U.S. weapons left behind in Afghanistan or donated to Ukraine have landed in the hands of Hamas and other Iranian-backed extremists.

“I think there has to be one,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., a member of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, said on the John Solomon Reports podcast in an interview aired Friday. “…If we are finding out information and getting told intel that U.S. weapons have fallen into the hands of terrorists, especially with the horrific attack that just happened on Israel, it’s our duty to investigate and find out if that’s happened or not.”

House members declined to describe with specificity what they were told by U.S. intelligence briefers on Wednesday but said they left the meeting convinced that U.S. weaponry has been allowed to fall into the hands of terrorists and other bad actors.

“We know that some of the weapons that are being used by Hamas in Israel against our most important ally came out of Afghanistan,” Rep. Harriet Hageman, R-Wyo., told the “Just the News, No Noise” television show, accusing the Biden administration of offering a ho-hum response to the concerns.

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By Hunter Fielding
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8 months ago

Quit wasting our time & money, start arresting these POS!

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