CONFIRMED: New York Attorney General Letitia James Won’t Be Able to Seize Trump’s Assets

Jonathan Turley, who is a constitutional law professor, explained everything about Letitia James’ latest move to seize Trump’s assets.

On Thursday, New York Attorney General Letitia James began the process to seize assets belonging to former President Donald Trump. She filed judgments in Westchester County, where Trump’s private estate and golf course are situated.

President Trump must either settle the judgment by Monday or convince the appellate court to permit him to postpone payment while he appeals.

Turley revealed that James’ effort to seize his assets and lock down Trump Tower is not likely to happen because Trump’s properties are complex partnerships with leveraged debt.

“The penalty handed down is absurd,” Turley said.

“These properties are partnerships, they have leveraged debt – all of that has to be unraveled. So these aren’t just this, you know, the one-to-one Trump versus James type of equation,” he added.

“So in order to seize that property, she’s going to be pulled into court, there’s going to be challenges. It’s not going to happen overnight. While everyone is celebrating this idea that she’s going to padlock Trump Tower. It’s not likely to happen, and it’s certainly not likely to remain very long,” he continued.

“The other thing is that she could be harming the value of the property that she’s trying to seize with some of these actions. I don’t think that matters to her, but it might matter to a court,” he concluded.


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By Hunter Fielding
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30 days ago

The rabid, radical Left is out of control! The moment of their planned takeover is NOW. They understand there won’t be another chance to conquer America. If the plan fails, Americans thereafter will shun their ideology, and Communism will once again become a dirty word to those who cherish freedom.
If we stop them now, America can be restored. Tomorrow will be too late!

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