Cindy McCain Claims: ‘Gaza Is on the Brink of Not Being Able to Recover From Famine’

Cindy McCain, who serves as the executive director of the World Food Program and is the widow of the late Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, stated on Sunday during her appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the situation in Gaza had reached a critical point.

Anchor Jake Tapper asked her: “Israel has also approved opening the Erez Crossing from Israel into northern Gaza to get this desperately needed aid in. How important is opening that crossing for you and your workers with the World Food Program? Will that help hold off this famine that you’ve said is imminent?”

Cindy McCain replied: “Well, there are two entrances, the Erez Crossing and Port of Ashdod, and all of that is very good. We need to get food at scale up north.”

“But with that said, we continue to get trucks not just up the defense road but up the beach road and also through to the various entrances. We need more, though. This just isn’t enough. As you know, we’re literally on the brink of going over the edge – over the cliff – with famine and not being able to recover from it,” she added.

“Children are dying as we speak, and those that are not dying or haven’t died yet are so emaciated and lacking so much in the way of important nutrients at this particular time in their life cycles. If they if they do live, they’ll never recover from it,” she continued.

“So it’s much more than just getting food in is about the kind of foods that we get and making sure that we get certainly foods for adults at, most importantly, those for younger children who really are in desperate need of nutrients right now,” she concluded.


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By Hunter Fielding
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