CIA Blocked Probe Into Hunter Biden Associate Known as His ‘Sugar Brother’

In an affidavit released Wednesday by the House Ways and Means Committee, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley has come forward with information that the CIA instructed the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) for Delaware, Lesley Wolf, to block an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) team investigating Hunter Biden from using his benefactor, Kevin Morris, as a witness.

Shapley, the IRS Criminal Division’s lead investigator, was overseeing an inquiry into Biden in August 2021 when Wolf informed him that she and DOJ Tax Attorney Jack Morgan had been summoned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Wolf, Morgan, and the CIA discussed Hunter Biden’s associate and benefactor, Kevin Morris, according to Shapley’s declaration.

Shapley and his team were considering utilizing Morris as a witness in their case against Biden, but Wolf apparently ruled it out.

“AUSA Wolf stated that they were provided a classified briefing in relation to Mr. Morris and as a result we could no longer pursue him as a witness,” Shapley stated.

Morris has been a big donor to Biden, purchasing 11 of his paintings and lending him at least $5 million to cover tax bills and personal costs, Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer said in a January news release.

In January, Morris provided a deposition to Congress about his relationship to Hunter Biden.

In his deposition, he claimed he was “like a general counsel” in Hunter Biden’s “virtual corporation.”

“Counsel, in my job, I represent high-profile individuals. … [H]igh-profile individuals have basically virtual corporations. And in those virtual corporations, they have all kinds of staff and assistants. You know, agents and managers … publicists. You know, whatever. And what I do is I oversee … sort of the squad,” he said. “Sort of like a general counsel.”

“I am involved in everything,” he added. “And the same is with Hunter. If you check my retainer agreements, you’ll see that it’s not — it says all matters.”

Shapley requested a secret briefing from Wolf on the evidence she discovered that caused her to rule Morris out as a viable witness — but she did not share any information with him, Shapley claimed.

“Although AUSA Wolf initially appeared to be receptive to facilitating a briefing for me on the information, she ignored multiple attempts by me to arrange the briefing,” Shapley said.

According to Shapley, Wolf appeared to flaunt agency-branded goods she purchased at their headquarters after returning from the meeting in Langley.

“AUSA Wolf proudly referenced a CIA mug and stated that she purchased some CIA ‘swag’ at the gift shop while she was there,” Shapley added.

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Shapley was investigating Hunter Biden for suspected criminal tax code violations until the DOJ pulled him from the case in May 2023 after Shapley raised concerns with Congress about alleged prosecutorial manipulation of the probe.

The CIA is forbidden from conducting intelligence operations on domestic soil targeting U.S. citizens.

“By law, the CIA is specifically prohibited from collecting foreign intelligence concerning the domestic activities of US citizens. Its mission is to collect information related to foreign intelligence and foreign counterintelligence. By direction of the president in Executive Order 12333 of 1981 and in accordance with procedures approved by the Attorney General, the CIA is restricted in the collection of intelligence information directed against US citizens…” the CIA website said.

The Central Intelligence Agency thus appears to be conducting illegal intelligence operations on domestic soil per the testimony of the IRS whistleblower.

By Melinda Davies
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