Chicago Board of Elections ‘Mistakenly’ Leaves Out MASSIVE Number of Mail-In Ballots in Primary Election

A Chicago Board of Elections official admitted on Sunday that he had “mistakenly” left more than 9,000 mail-in ballots from a race during last week’s Illinois state primary election. This revelation has reignited concerns about mail-in voting ahead of the November presidential election.

“In adding up the total number of Vote By Mail ballots the Board had received back so far, I mistakenly left out additional ballots” that came in by mail on the evening of March 18, a day prior to Election Day, according to a March 23 statement by Max Bever, Director of Public Information at the Chicago Board of Elections.

The mix-up in tallying occurred in the race between two Democratic contenders for the state’s attorney position in Cook County, Chicago: Eileen O’Neill Burke and Clayton Harris III.

Ms. O’Neill Burke, a former appellate judge who is behind by approximately 14,000 votes, is commonly perceived as the candidate with a tougher stance on crime compared to her opponent.

“We should be booming, and we’re not because of crime,” Ms. O’Neill Burke told The Associated Press. “This is something we can fix.”

Mr. Harris, a professor and former prosecutor who is the more progressive candidate of the duo, advocates for punishments that take into account racial disparities.

The Chicago race is up for grabs because the current State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who received criticism for being soft on crime, opted not to seek reelection for a third term.


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By Hunter Fielding
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27 days ago

How do Demoncrap voting machines decide who to give the fradulent votes to?
—–after all, they’re all on same anti-American side…
now we have answer, they just don’t count them

(yeah, someone probably just got lazy, 14k ahead… don’s bother the last 9k

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