CHAOS ERUPTS: Nevada Judge Decides That a Known Pedophile Should Not Receive Jail Time, Then the Victim Reacts by Punching the 80-Year-Old Perpetrator in the Face

A 29-year-old man from Nevada, who was a victim of childhood sexual abuse by a known pedophile, confronted his abuser after a judge handed down a sentence that did not involve jail time for the offender.

On Thursday, 80-year-old Richard Gross appeared in a Clark County district courtroom for his sentencing on October 2nd. Gross pleaded guilty to one felony charge of attempted lewdness involving a child under 14 and was given a suspended sentence by Judge Tierra Jones, allowing him to avoid jail time and stay out of custody.

Gross received a suspended sentence of 60-180 months in the Nevada Department of Corrections, indicating that he won’t serve time in prison unless he breaches the terms of his probation.

Tylor Fu, who was abused by Gross from the ages of eight to fifteen, played a key role in securing the perpetrator’s conviction by testifying against him. After the judge’s lenient sentencing of Gross, Fu felt that a punch in the face was more fitting.

Fu stood up from his chair and landed a powerful punch on Gross, causing the pervert to fall to the floor. He was promptly taken into custody and arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery.

Fu, who is now a loving father of two children, explained in an interview that he was “extremely angry” that Jones essentially let Gross get away.

“I was extremely angry. I know he’s old but that doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change the damage that he caused,” Fu said.

“It just doesn’t make sense how someone can abuse a child multiple times and just walk away without any prison time,” he added.

“He got away with a golden ticket for what he did. And what he’s done to me should be punishable by even death,” he said.

Fu later revealed that he decided to report his abuse to the police in 2019 after his wife shared a news article about sexual abuse. Following Fu’s testimony, Gross faced indictment on 26 charges.


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By Hunter Fielding
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7 months ago

A few more punches are in order.

7 months ago

He should have punched the judge & the prosecuter also!!!

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