Censured Congressman Who Lied About Donald Trump Rehashes Awful Plan to Expand SCOTUS so Democrats Can be Even More Power Drunk

On the one-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision which overturned Roe vs. Wade, censured House Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) shared how he plans to overturn Dobbs.

The move by the Supreme Court turns over abortion legislation to each individual state. Since the decision, some states have moved to restrict abortions while others have removed all barriers to abortions.

Schiff is also campaigning to take Dianne Feinstein’s U.S. Senate seat. In the video, you can see a poster that reads “Adam Schiff for Senate”.

Schiff started his video, “Today marks one year since the Dobbs decision. A ruling that overturned Roe vs. Wade and led to devastating restrictions on reproductive rights across the country.”

“Fourteen states have effectively banned abortion and serval others have enacted restrictive measures that deny women the fundamental right to make their own healthcare decisions.”

Schiff then starts to attack the Supreme Court, “We are up against a radical and partisan Supreme Court that is hell-bent on rolling back the clock on women’s rights and forcing an extreme social agenda on a country that doesn’t want it.”

“But what I saw after the decision filled me with hope. Millions of people mobilized to protect their reproductive freedom from Kansas to South Carolina the work of activists has helped defeat right wing attempts to ban abortion. And it’s vital that in Congress we stand up to these right wing attacks on our freedoms.”

“We need to expand the Supreme Court. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump stacked it and the only way it can be changed is if we unstack it. We need to abolish the filibuster so we can protect these fundamental rights and allow everyone the freedom to make decisions about their own bodies, their health, and their future without government interference.”

“Together we can rebuild the legal safeguards for reproductive rights. After all, this is an issue that affects all of us. It’s about human rights, justice, and the very fabric of the democracy we hold dear. In the Senate, I’ll continue the fight, finish the work I started in the House, and we will codify the right to abortion into federal law.”

“It’s been one year since the Dobbs decision. To this day we are up against a radical & partisan Supreme Court that’s hell bent on rolling back the clock on reproductive freedom. We need to expand SCOTUS & abolish the filibuster. It’s the only way we can codify abortion into law.”

Schiff spewed left-wing talking points in his campaign tweet. Many believe life starts at conception and others think there should be some restrictions on abortion. Schiff represents California, which allows abortion until viability. “A pregnancy becomes viable when a doctor determines that the fetus could live outside the uterus without extreme medical measures.” This a vague definition provided by the state which allows for discretion to be left to the doctor.

California has moved to add the right to an abortion to its state constitution. Schiff wants to see this done at the Federal level and promises to do so by stacking the court and getting rid of the filibuster if he is elected to the Senate.

To many with Christian values, Schiff appears to be moralless. Many who view conception as the start of life see abortion as murder. With the Dobbs decision states now have more control of abortions.

Legislation has gone both ways since last year’s monument decision. Many on the left have promised to work to enshrine abortion into the constitution while those on the right bicker over a stance.

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By Liam Donovan
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