Catholic MAGA Family Faces Continuous FBI Harassment Due to Support for President Trump

Since the 2020 election, Chaldean Americans, also known as Chaldean Catholics, have faced targeting, persecution, and harassment from the FBI because of their support of President Donald Trump.

Zina Toma, a well-known advocate for Chaldean Catholics and supporter of Trump, has revealed three years of harassment, including threats, unauthorized recordings, and entrapment attempts by an FBI informant.

Community leaders allege that the FBI initiated a program through its Detroit office aimed at intimidating and targeting activists such as Ms. Toma because of their political beliefs.

As previously reported under Chris Wray’s leadership, the FBI is infiltrating Catholic parishes. FBI agents are reaching out to Catholic leaders to gather intelligence on Americans practicing their Christian beliefs.

The FBI under Chris Wray circulated a memo cautioning agents about the growing influence of dangerous ‘radical traditionalist Catholic ideology’. Former FBI special agent Kyle Seraphin posted the memo on

In 2022, Seraphin was indefinitely suspended without pay from the FBI after coming forward as a whistleblower, claiming that the bureau is attempting to conceal the extent of man-hours allocated to the January 6th investigation. Seraphin had been employed at the FBI’s Richmond office for six years.

Ms. Toma claims that the FBI dispatched an informant to collect damaging information and orchestrate her prosecution unfairly.

Allegations suggest that the informant conducted illegal recordings and tried to manipulate Ms. Toma into confessing she was at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, despite her insistence of being neither in Washington D.C. nor outside Michigan on that day.

Despite resisting pressure to make a false confession, Ms. Toma was handed over to the FBI on the grounds of a fabricated criminal complaint.

However, Ms. Toma’s proactive response to the situation, which included reporting these incidents to the FBI-Inspection Division, potentially influenced the FBI’s decision not to pursue her prosecution.

A representative from the Iraqi Christian Foundation shared with The Gateway Pundit:

During election year 2020, Ms. Toma who is a member of our Catholic community in Michigan was told that the FBI-Detroit Office had started a program targeting our Catholic community due to our support for President Trump.

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The program was designed to target activists and leaders in the community who support President Trump. Ms. Toma was an advocate for the reelection of President Trump within the community.

The FBI sent an informant to compromise her (get blackmail on her) and to set her up for malicious prosecution. A source later told Ms. Toma that it was the FBI who had sent the informant to compromise her.

Ms. Toma and her family have faced three years of harassment, threats, illegal recordings, and investigations aimed at scaring her into not advocating for President Trump any longer and making an example out of her to others.

The FBI informant made illegal recordings (via hidden cameras) of Ms. Toma for the FBI. In one of the illegal recordings, the informant attempted to entrap Ms. Toma. He pressured her to say that she was at the US Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

There was a hidden camera recording the conversation. But Ms. Toma had not been to the US Capitol Hill or DC (or even outside of Michigan) on January 6. The FBI informant even alleged that someone Ms. Toma knew had seen her at the Capitol Hill on January 6.

But the allegation was false and just an attempt to set her up for a criminal prosecution for something she did not even participate in. The entrapment attempt failed as Ms. Toma refused to agree to the claim that she had been in Washington DC on January 6.

Nonetheless, about 3 months later, the informant turned her in to the FBI for a false criminal complaint via a FD-1023 (Confidential Human Source Reporting Document).

After Ms. Toma fought back by going to local police and reporting the FBI’s behavior to the FBI-Inspection Division, the FBI may have decided not to move forward with the investigation and prosecution of Ms. Toma.

After those several attempts at having her prosecuted failed, the FBI informant is now coming after her with a civil lawsuit/lawfare (appears to be retaliation for Ms. Toma filing a complaint with the FBI-Inspection Division). She is seeking help with her legal costs and expenses to be able to fight back against the lawfare.

According to the GiveSendGo campaign:

During election 2020, the FBI targeted my Conservative Catholic community with the use of FBI informants, because of our traditional faith and our support for President Trump. My Catholic community strongly advocated for and supported the reelection of President Trump in 2020.

This made us a target of the FBI/feds. Members of my community, including myself, have endured over 3 years of persecution, threats, illegal recordings made of us, investigations, and harassment by the FBI through the use of FBI informants they sent to target us.

THE FBI, THROUGH THE USE OF INFORMANTS, HAS TRIED TO HAVE ME MALICIOUSLY AND FALSELY PROSECUTED, AND WHEN THAT FAILED, THE FBI AND ITS INFORMANT ARE NOW COMING AFTER ME WITH LAWFARE. I started this fundraiser to help raise funds for my legal costs and other expenses as I fight back against the injustice and persecution I am facing by the FBI and its informants.

God willing President Trump will be back in office in less than a year and all who have been persecuted will have relief. God bless you and your families!!

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