Captain of Container Ship That Caused Baltimore Bridge Collapse Identified as Ukrainian Citizen

New information is still pouring in following the Baltimore incident in the United States. As previously detailed a container ship collided with a support pillar of a bridge spanning over 2 kilometers, leading to the rapid collapse of its central section in mere seconds.

At least five vehicles on the bridge plunged into the water. Rescue teams and divers worked tirelessly throughout the day scouring the area for survivors.

As we previously reported, six individuals are currently missing. This group includes construction workers who were engaged in technical tasks on the bridge.

Nonetheless, state officials have stated that they lack precise information regarding the total number of workers present on the bridge at the time.

Additionally, reports indicate that the captain of the Dali container ship, registered under the flag of Singapore, is a Ukrainian citizen. He is only identified by his first name, Sergei.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge serves as a crucial transportation route in Baltimore, acting as one of the city’s primary transportation arteries. Interstate 695 traverses over it, spanning the Patapsco River.

The FBI stated a few hours after the incident that the bridge collapse “is not the result of sabotage or a terrorist attack.”

FBI Special Representative:

“A few minutes before the collision with the bridge support, the crew of the container ship reported that they had lost control. There were electrical problems. They warned us. This is not a terrorist attack.”

Meanwhile, both the shipowner Synergy Group and the FBI have refrained from commenting on why control was lost just before the vessel passed under the bridge.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore said that “the entire country is shocked by what happened.” According to him, “this was an accident” and “it’s highly unlikely to be a terrorist attack.”

Simultaneously, it has been revealed that the port of Baltimore has been obstructed by the metal debris from the collapsed bridge, causing closure for several months.

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Furthermore, the situation is exacerbated by the container ship itself, which is still lodged beneath the metal sections of the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

For context, the port of Baltimore ranks as the 11th largest in the United States. It holds the top spot in the nation for the “transshipment” of motor vehicles.

In 2023, the port handled the loading and unloading of 750 thousand cars. Now, the United States will need to overhaul logistics in this sector entirely and devise a plan for constructing a new bridge.

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By Hunter Fielding
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