Captain Kirk Actor William Shatner Uses Solar Eclipse to Promote Climate Change Activism: ‘What’s the Point of Going into Space, You Can’t Come Back’

Actor William Shatner, known for his role in Star Trek, seized the opportunity of Monday’s total solar eclipse to advocate for climate change action. He questioned the priority of focusing on space exploration when the very existence of human life on Earth is at stake.

NBC News correspondent Maura Barett posed a pointed question about climate change to Shatner during a recent interview on the network’s streaming service, NBC Now.

“I asked him about people that are concerned, you know, shouldn’t we be focused on tackling climate here on Earth rather than going out and exploring space?” Barett said.

“Well, you can do both,” Shatner replied.

“You have to have a focus on the most important part, which is staying alive. I mean, what’s the point of going into space, you can’t come back and you are overcome by the fumes. No — we are in a dire situation,” he continued.

“We’ve got to do both. We’ve got to clean up the environment and our curiosity and our ambition,” he added.


Shatner and NBC News aren’t the only one leveraging the solar eclipse to advocate for climate change beliefs.

Sonny Hostin, co-host of ABC’s The View, made a peculiar connection between climate change, the solar eclipse, and the recent earthquake in New York and New Jersey.


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By Hunter Fielding
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