Canadian Government Caught Hiding Deadly mRNA Shots’ Side Effects from Public

The Canadian government was made aware that Covid mRNA shots were potentially deadly for humans but chose to keep the information hidden from the public, according to an explosive new report.

A senior Health Canada official removed mention of a “high level of impurity” in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in an assessment done by a colleague for the department’s chief medical adviser, internal records show.

The assessment was meant as a brief on recent findings about the creation of unintended proteins by mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Two senior Health Canada (HC) officials, including the one with final authority on vaccine authorization, expressed concerns about the conclusions written by the HC scientist tasked with producing the assessment.

“I am very wary of the 4th bullet on impurities that Dr. [Agnes] Klein had put in,” HC Senior Advisor Poovadan Anoop wrote in a Dec. 14, 2023, email referring to the internal HC assessment written by Dr. Agnes V. Klein, a senior medical advisor with HC.  Mr. Anoop’s email was addressed to his superior, Sophie Sommerer, director general of Health Canada’s Biologic and Radiopharmaceutical Drugs Directorate (BRDD).

The unit is responsible for approving vaccines.

The Epoch Times obtained the internal records through the access to information system.

The assessment had noted about 8 percent of the proteins produced by the mRNA shots were unintended or “frameshifted” proteins capable of evoking an immune response. Dr. Klein called it a “high level of impurity.”

“Does this mean with the impurity levels caused by frameshift, the vaccines would not pass muster, notwithstanding the fact that the translated proteins are not harmful,” Mr. Anoop asked in his email. He later told his superior that he “struck out” a paragraph drawn from the original assessment mentioning the “high level of impurity.”

The assessment and exchange began two days earlier when Chief Medical Advisor Supriya Sharma tasked her staff to produce a “‘quick and dirty’” assessment on a research article by immunologist and public health researcher Dr. Jessica Rose posted on Substack.

The chief medical advisor sought a review of the information and the “‘claims’ being made” in Dr. Rose’s analysis.

The lengthy scientific Substack post discussed the initial frameshifting discovery reported in the journal Nature on Dec. 6. Scientists found that the mRNA injections, which give instructions to the cells to create the SARS-CoV-2 virus’ spike protein to generate an immune response, also produce other unintended, or frameshifted proteins that are capable of evoking an immune response.

The researchers estimated that approximately 8 percent of the proteins generated by the mRNA shots are frameshifted.

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Dr. Rose wrote in her Substack article that one of her concerns is that those “off-target proteins” are being produced in many people who received the COVID-19 shots and that this “may lead to autoimmunity and/or other problems.”

Autoimmunity refers to the human immune system mounting a response against itself which can lead to disease states.

In her internal assessment, HC scientist Dr. Klein expanded further about the frameshifting being at about 8 percent.

“If one were to consider this as an impurity during manufacturing or part of an impurity that can develop during the uptake and metabolism of a drug, which does happen in other instances, one would have to consider this as a high level of impurity,” she wrote.

Dr. Klein added that impurities and metabolic deviations usually do not exceed 1 or 2 percent.

In the event those levels are higher, this “must be investigated and justified,” she said.

“The fact that the frameshift does not exist with a DNA vaccine, may speak in favor of DNA vaccines and, overall maybe, against mRNA vaccines,” she added.

Despite raising those concerns, Dr. Klein said in the email containing her assessment to the senior officials that there is “nothing to worry about in this regard.”

An online biography for Dr. Klein says she is trained in medicine and public health and has 40 years of experience in the development and regulation of therapeutics.

She also reportedly received “wide recognition and awards for her regulatory work.”

It’s after Dr. Klein provided her input on frameshifting that Mr. Anoop sent his Dec. 14 email expressing concerns to his superior, Ms. Sommerer.

In providing his response, Mr. Anoop referenced a news piece published in Science Magazine on the same day (Dec. 6, 2023) Nature published its ground-breaking article on mRNA frameshifting.

“I read the Science article for my own interest and have made changes in this summary (as opposed to the report provided by Dr. Klein) to make the message clear,” Mr. Anoop wrote above a bullet-point form summary drawn from Dr. Klein’s assessment.

The Science article plays down concerns and is titled “mRNA vaccines may make unintended proteins, but there’s no evidence of harm.”

It asserts in its opening that COVID-19 vaccines “saved millions of lives.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Anoop has a master’s in microbiology and biotechnology, and his government experience is in risk management and compliance.

Ms. Sommerer, the head of BRDD, responded to Mr. Anoop on Dec. 20 and echoed his concerns about Dr. Klein’s assessment.

Ms. Sommerer has a master’s in biology and has worked in policy for Health Canada since 2010, according to her LinkedIn profile.

“I’m a little concerned about the overall conclusions below re. concern about manufacturing and impurities of mRNA vaccines,” she wrote without elaborating.

She then tasked Mr. Anoop to check whether Dr. Sean Li, a Health Canada research scientist, had commented on the conclusion.

Ms. Sommerer also asked whether the BRDD had “standard lines” on whether or how it considers articles in scientific literature.

She then wrote: “We need to remind everyone that the company is expected to monitor the safety of their vaccines and report to HC if they identify any potential signals.”

The “company” refers to vaccine manufacturers.

Health Canada has previously told The Epoch Times, on the matter of the undisclosed presence of the Simian Virus 40 enhancer sequence in the mRNA shots, that it does not conduct its own investigations and rather relies on material submitted by pharmaceutical companies.

The material is then reviewed by HC.

After receiving Ms. Sommerer’s email expressing discontent with Dr. Klein’s conclusion, Mr. Anoop told another senior Health Canada official that he had “dumbed down” Dr. Klein’s input and also flagged Ms. Sommerer’s comments expressing her dissatisfaction with it.

By Hunter Fielding
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