Canadian Doctor Faces Prison for Warning of Covid Shot Side Effects

A prominent Canadian doctor is due to soon go on trial and faces a lengthy prison sentence for speaking publicly about the damage he has witnessed in his patients who have received Covid mRNA shots.

Dr. Charles Hoffe goes on trial this March over allegations of “professional misconduct” for discussing the risks associated with the injections.

Despite only discussing the damage he has witnessed as a professional expert, Hoffe is accused of the thoughtcrime of “spreading misinformation.”

Hoffe has become a target of the far-left globalist Canadian government.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a World Economic Forum (WEF) “Young Global Leader,” is seeking to make an example of the Hoffe for revealing how the Covid jabs are destroying lives.

Dr. Hoffe’s trial is scheduled for March 4-8, as well as for March 11-15, and the general public can watch the trial via Zoom starting at 9 a.m. PST on March 4, 2024.

In a letter that was shared on X, Dr. Hoffe explains how the Canadian government is accusing him of spreading “misinformation” simply because he continues to go public about the Covid jab injuries he is witnessing destroy the lives of many of his patients.

“My brilliant lawyer, Lee Turner, is planning to put public health on trial, to reveal their scientific fraud, the cover-up of evidence of harm and gross ethical violations of the vaccine rollout,” Hoffe says.

“I have eight highly qualified expert witnesses, from Canada the U.S., and the UK, who will be giving testimony in my support.”

While the general public is free to view Dr. Hoffe’s trial over Zoom, the Canadian government is making it really hard for people to do this. First of all, one must apply for a Zoom link at least seven days before the trial starts – which means you will want to apply now if you would like to participate in watching the proceedings.

“The College clearly does not want people to be watching this and has made it as difficult as possible to get a link,” Dr. Hoffe warns. “Public opinion is their Achilles heel.”

“And it is critically important that as many people as possible get this video link, and login periodically.

“The college needs to know that the world is watching them.

“Their corruption and dishonesty will be revealed.”

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The “college” Dr. Hoffe is referring to is the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, located at 300-669 Howe Street in Vancouver, BC, V6C 0B4 in Canada.

To sign up, you have to print and sign this form, then scan or upload it back to your computer and email it to:

You can also write and mail a letter of complaint to the college about Dr. Hoffe’s mistreatment using the above physical address.

Supporters are also encouraged to watch the following 26-minute video interview with Dr. Hoffe to hear more about what he is facing:

“They sure are making it difficult,” complained one of Dr. Hoffe’s supporters about the difficulty of printing out and re-scanning the signed documents to request virtual attendance at the trial.

“I’m away from home base and have no printer. In the current world in which we live, requiring we physically print this thing is beyond obstructive.”

Another shared the following video of fellow freedom fighter Reiner Fuellmich who set up a grand jury three years ago pertaining to COVID jab injuries.

Fuellmich has now been imprisoned by the WEF’s Trudeau regime.

Dr. Hoffe’s legal costs are also extensive, as he recently notified his followers that he received a bill just the other day for $36,000 from his lawyer.

Those who wish to contribute to the cause can do so at Dr. Hoffe’s GiveSendGo page.

By Hunter Fielding
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4 months ago

To support Dr. Charles Hoffe we should all mail a letter to College of Physicians of BC, 300 – 669 Hoffe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C OB4, Canada.

4 months ago

Prisoners shall learn not to speak!

4 months ago

karma will catch up with the crooked nonce Trudeau…

4 months ago
4 months ago

Canada is a cesspool and we’re not much better.

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