Canada Suffers 135% Spike in ‘Unspecified’ Deaths since Vaccine Rollout

The Canadian government is refusing to explain why unexplained deaths have spiked 135% since the Covid vaccine rollout.

Statistics Canada, a Canadian government agency, released the staggering figures in a new report that reveals the nation set a new record for deaths in 2022.

Besides the huge number of Canadians dying from “unspecified causes,” the heavily-vaccinated nation recorded a record high number of Covid deaths, despite the vaccine uptake.

Canada is also euthanizing record numbers of citizens who are deemed “useless” by the state.

The full report can be read here.

Statistics Canada attributes the spike in Covid-related deaths to the easing of stringent mandates, mask-wearing, and lockdowns.

The governmental body further asserts that the emergence of “highly transmissible COVID-19 variants” is a major factor contributing to the surge in fatalities.

In reality, nobody is falling for the official narrative any longer.

The latest report discloses a concerning trend as Canadian life expectancy experiences a third consecutive year of decline.

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the conservative-populist People’s Party of Canada (PPC) delved into the report’s implications.

“These deaths have almost TRIPLED since 2020 from 6,841 to 16,043 in 2022,” Bernier warned.

“What happened in 2021 that could have caused this explosion of unexplained deaths over the last 2 years?”

“An experimental pharmaceutical product was rushed to market and forced on Canadian society, is what happened.

“They told us it was ‘safe and effective’ but over the last few years we have learned more and more about how that Covid shot was neither,” said Bernier.

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Bernier then accused the Canadian government of betraying the people in favor of their globalist overlords.

By Hunter Fielding
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2 months ago

The Canadian government, like the US government, is made up of mere people and all these mere people can go f__k themselves.

Courageous Lion
Courageous Lion
2 months ago
Reply to  PithyKat
Courageous Lion
Courageous Lion
2 months ago

“Canada is also euthanizing record numbers of citizens who are deemed “useless” by the state.” CANADA is doing no such thing. The PSYCHOPATHIC CONTROL FREAKS that run the “state” and “Canada” are doing this. NAME THEM DOX THEM!

Nancy Moisan
Nancy Moisan
2 months ago

I think euthanization is used as a means to depopulate, why offer it to people who are going through some kind of distress, this isn’t life threatening when asking for help to put food on the table, Veterans have no where to turn to and offered MAID as a solution, this is so wrong.

Nancy Moisan
Nancy Moisan
2 months ago

If it wasn’t for the need to rid the country of liberals, I’d vote for Maxime Bernier..he isn’t afraid to call it as he sees it and that’s my kind of leader.

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