Canada to Jail All Citizens Who Have Ever Used ‘Hate Speech’

The Canadian government has sweeping new powers that will allow authorities to begin rounding up and imprisoning any members of the public who have ever used “hate speech.”

In addition, police will be able to arrest anyone in Canada who they believe “might” use “hate speech” in the future.

Canada is veering dangerously close to the type of complete control over people’s thoughts and speech seen in places like North Korea.

The country’s new bill aims to censor people on the pretense of protecting others from “hate speech.”

What’s even more horrifying, however, is the fact that it is retroactive.

Under the new measures, anything that people have said in the past can now be weaponized against them.

For example, if a member of the public misgendered a drag queen 20 years ago, they may soon have the police kicking their door down and jailing them for “hate crimes.”

The bill, known as the Online Harms Bill C-63, aims to combat online abuse.

However, it hides its most concerning components behind more reasonable measures, such as requiring social media platforms to take down posts that sexualize children within 24 hours.

It contains seven categories of content deemed harmful that providers must remove from their websites, including bullying children and encouraging people to harm themselves.

It will also ban deep fakes.

However, it is the hate speech aspects of it that are causing the most concern.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said that his party is opposed to Prime Minister “Justin Trudeau’s woke authoritarian agenda” that will likely be used for censoring political speech.

He said: “What does Justin Trudeau mean when he says the words ‘hate speech’?

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“He means the speech he hates.

“You can assume he will ban all of that.”

Historian Dr. Muriel Blaive explained why the bill is so scary:

“The Canadian law proposal is outright mad. It is retroactive, which goes against all our Western legal tradition, according to which you can be punished only if you infringed a law that was valid at the time when you committed a crime.”

It actually gets even worse; there is a clause in the bill stating that if courts think you are likely to commit a hate crime or disseminate “hate propaganda” – which is not defined by the bill and therefore could easily be used to target those who go against government narratives – they can place you under house arrest and restrict your communications.

That’s right: they can restrict your movement and arrest you if they even think you might post something they won’t like.

Canadian MP sheds light on the bill’s most controversial points

One Canadian shared on X that his wife wrote to every MP in the country about the bill.

The sole MP to respond was Rachel Thomas of Lethbridge, who provided valuable insight into this upsetting matter.

She made no attempt to hide her disdain for the bill, noting:

“While the federal government has touted this bill as an initiative to protect children, it does little to accomplish this noble cause, and a great deal to inhibit freedom of speech.”

She also pointed out that the bill creates a new hate crime offense that renders any offense under the criminal code indictable and punishable by life in prison if it is deemed to be motivated by hatred.

It also raises the punishment for advocating genocide from five years to life imprisonment and increases the punishment for willful promotion of antisemitism or hatred and public incitement of hatred from up to two years to as long as five years.

It also gives citizens the power to file complaints anonymously with the Canadian Human Rights Commission against people they believe are posting hate speech; such individuals could face takedown orders and fines of as much as $70,000 if they are found guilty.

Those who file the complaints will have their identities shielded.

She vowed to “bring forward changes to the Criminal Code that will actually protect children without infringing on free speech.”

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Trudeau is a student of Klaus Schwab! He’s effectively his clone. He’s an example of the “young global leaders” the WEF is hatching…to infiltrate EVERY government!
There is NO GREATER THREAT than this group of second-generation NAZIs! This association of Uber-rich, uber-crazy megalomaniacs should be the centerpiece of your nightmares!

1 month ago

well I would just like to say that you need to start with Trudeau as he has used HATE SPEETCH to describe anyone who disagrees with his WAKO policies as well as all who supported the trucking convoy. If your going to implement this then start with that guy.

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
1 month ago

Who decides what is “hate speech”? Calling a drag queen a male is entirely appropriate, since he is a male, and he is not harmed or threatened by it in any way. What goes on between his ears is his problem; neither he, nor the gov’t has a right to attack my beliefs as less valid than his, which IS what such a law is designed to do! If there is no bodily harm, or threat thereof, or incitement to commit such, then it is not “hate speech”!

1 month ago
Reply to  Sandra Smith

Absolutely. Hate is like love, fear, envy, joy or bitterness. It’s an emotion or a feeling. The worst is the “snitch” part of the bill. The survivors of the concentration camps will remember the worst moments of their lives when denunciation was the cause of their internment.

1 month ago

Starting by the PM who has use more hate speech with harmful consequences to Canadian citizens and the pro-Hamas protesters with death threats to Jews.
What about the double standing ovation for Jaroslav Hunka, the Waffen SS guest of the PM who is the symbol of racism and lethal hate?
I am a member of the “fringe minority with despicable views”.

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