Canada to Freeze Bank Accounts of ‘Low Social Credit Score’ Citizens

The Canadian government is rolling out new laws that will limit financial “freedom” to citizens who maintain a satisfactory “social credit score.”

Under the new system, “low credit score individuals” will have their bank accounts frozen.

In order to regain access to their money, and participate in society, citizens will need to take steps to improve their social credit score.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeaui’s government is implementing a new system called “open banking” that will link citizen’s bank accounts to the new social credit scoring system.

The new system seeks to comply with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) demand for nations to shift toward “cashless societies” while ushering in Chinese Communist Party-style social credit scoring.

In the aftermath of the Trucker Convoy and other noteworthy protests against COVID-19 pandemic tyranny in Canada, Trudeau, a WEF “Young Global Leader,” is radicalizing the nation’s banking system to make it much harder for citizens to express their voices against political corruption.

Proponents of the social credit score-linked banking paradigm say it will make Canadian banks more “inclusive,” allowing them to easily access user data on demand while being able to share information with one another.

A World Bank partner called Open Banking Excellence (OBE), which originated in the United Kingdom, is proudly boasting right now that it will incorporate social credit scores with people’s banking information in Canada. Canadians will likely receive digital “cash” and identification in a “convenient,” all-in-one, and “inclusive” place.

“It’s about having that fairer, more inclusive, more open society,” said OBE founder Helen Child, making sure to use all the popular buzzwords to make her project sound like a dream come true for the world.

Disturbingly, OBE already operates in some 40 different countries, claiming that it aims to “create exceptional platforms and content that promotes knowledge sharing, new thinking and partnerships within the industry – catalyzing the adoption of Open Finance and Data for better financial inclusion worldwide.”

Child’s use of the term “open society” is also disturbing in that this is the ideology championed by international billionaire agitator George Soros. It implies open borders, no more prisons, and out-of-control crime without punishment, all of this substantiating “progressive” changes for the world.

How forcing Canadians and others around the world to maintain high social credit scores in order to buy and sell constitutes “inclusivity” and “fairness” remains unknown. OBE officials and other proponents of the construct never really say.

“It drives financial inclusion,” is all Child will say about the scheme. “It’s democratizing data.”

What we can clearly see from all this is that Child has her eyes on all the gold her data collection scheme will add to her financial stockpile. Data of the kind her group collects in order to populate social credit scores is valuable, after all, especially as the world descends into a cashless abyss.

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“There is no easier way to control the masses than to control their access to money, and their ability to buy, trade and freely move about,” warns Slay News.

The Canadian Press came right out and just said what Child is clearly thinking, explaining that one of the biggest areas of growth in the financial sector has to do with credit assessments.

“Under open banking, lenders could directly access an individual’s banking data, so they can look beyond credit scores,” the Press explained.

“Consumers can also use it to build their credit scores, for example, by proving reliable rent payments.”

In other words, the goal is to assess something beyond just one’s credit score in order to determine whether he or she is worthy to participate in the new global economy that the globalists are unleashing.

Keep in mind that Canada is big on prosecuting “hate” speech.

One can only imagine how people found guilty of committing “hateful” anything will be dinged on their social credit scores, disallowing their participation in anything commerce and finance related.

It happened during the Trucker Convoy and it will happen, complements of OBE and its “inclusive” financial schemes.

By Hunter Fielding
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28 days ago

Here is your Electronic Leash, Canada! If you don’t stop this tyranny now, tomorrow will be too late! Once implemented, there’s no escape.
The world’s problem lives in Davos.
Vaporize the WEF.

Graham Booker
Graham Booker
27 days ago
Reply to  ;^)

Spot on. I would like to add the UN, WHO and World Bank to your list.

Frank Ruhl
Frank Ruhl
26 days ago

My god…This is something straight out of a distressingly dystopian SCI-FY movie, something I would never have thought possible in my lifetime. Unfortunately, it would seem to be an impending nightmare that is encroaching on virtually every country globally. This is one reason why I (hopefully) see big, big trouble (eg. civil war etc.) coming for those countries which try to take away their citizens rights, just to increase their own wealth and power. It’s time to “liquidate useless assets”, like Bill Gates and various other Billionaires who seem to think that those with less should be expendable.

die commie scum
die commie scum
26 days ago

Freeze my account because of my opinion and Ill kill you.,
There I said it you commie pos.

25 days ago

The summum of hypocrisy. To have my credit score monitored by a government which is totally bankrupt with $3 trillion public debt, spending money like a drunken sailor and unable to balance its own budget.

22 days ago

Wonder how being a god on one hand and the devil on the other – makes one feel. His smirk shows he’s enjoying ruining lives. Here’s hoping he’s vaxxed.

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