Canada Begins Euthanizing Autistic Citizens

The Canadian government’s plan to begin euthanizing citizens with autism has just been approved by a judge.

Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is celebrating after the ruling that saw his eugenics plan ushered in.

The move is seen as a big win for Trudeau, one of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Young Global Leaders.”

The first patient to be euthanized under the new scheme is a 27-year-old autistic woman who has become a burden on the state-funded healthcare system.

An injunction was stopping doctors from proceeding with the medically assisted suicide of the autistic woman from Calgary.

The woman’s father previously asked a judge to block her euthanasia.

However, Justice Colin Feasby lifted the injunction and ordered doctors to proceed with her “assisted suicide.”

“Feasby said his decision will be stayed for 30 days so lawyers for the father of the woman, identified only as MV, can decide whether to file an appeal,” the Calgary Herald reports.

From the Calgary Herald:

The Calgary Court of King’s Bench judge said he had to weigh the potential harm an injunction would cause the 27-year-old woman, who has autism, against the harm her parents would suffer if the injunction was lifted.

“The harm to MV if an injunction is granted goes to the core of her being,” Feasby said in his written ruling.

“An injunction would deny MV the right to choose between living or dying with dignity. Further, an injunction would put MV in a position where she would be forced to choose between living a life she has decided is intolerable and ending her life without medical assistance.

“This is a terrible choice that should not be forced on MV, as attempting to end her life without medical assistance would put her at increased risk of pain, suffering and lasting injury.”


The judge said he could empathize with MV’s parents wanting to keep their daughter alive, The Post Millennial noted.

However, Trudeau Health Minister Mark Holland (L-Ajax) announced Monday that mental health will inevitably be a justification for granting euthanasia in Canada.

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“Is your intention to still move ahead with MAiD for mental illness, just within a longer timeframe?” a reporter asked.

“That’s correct,” Holland replied at a news conference.

“There are people who have, for decades, been trapped in mental torture, being in a horrific situation where they have tried everything and exhausted all avenues and under their own recognizance are saying that they want access to MAID,” he continued.

According to Feasby’s summary of her father’s position, he believes MV “is vulnerable and is not competent to make the decision to take her own life.”

“He says that she is generally healthy and believes that her physical symptoms, to the extent that she has any, result from undiagnosed psychological conditions,” CBC reports.

The outlet said MV’s only known diagnoses described in court earlier this month are autism and ADHD.

CBC reports:

“On March 11, when M.V.’s lawyers asked the judge to set aside the interim injunction, W.V.’s counsel asked for the injunction to continue and for a judicial review to be ordered that would examine how the daughter obtained MAID approval.

“Currently, two doctors or nurse practitioners have to approve a patient for MAID.

“Feasby heard that two doctors were initially approached by M.V. One agreed to sign off on approving her for MAID, the other denied the application.

“A third ‘tie-breaker’ doctor, as described by lawyers for Alberta Health Services, was then offered to M.V.

“Her father took issue with the third doctor who signed off on M.V.’s MAID approval ‘because he was not independent or objective.’

“At the March 11 hearing, Sarah Miller, counsel for the father, called the situation ‘a novel issue for Alberta’ because the province operates a system where there is no appeal process and no means of reviewing a person’s MAID approval.”

By Hunter Fielding
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3 months ago

1984. Get rid of defectives.
Can we not see the trajectory of the WEFs plans? They openly tell us we will be slaves…the ones they allow to remain.
How can we watch the spread of this New World Order Nazism and be so passive?
How can humanity watch as their national leadership is infiltrated by Klaus Schwab and the Megalomaniacs in Davos?
You know…this WILL reach a point of no return! When more WEF Lackeys take power, the world will be squeezed to comply. Look at the plan for food and famine, for automobiles you can’t afford, and mandatory EVERYTHING!
Whatever it takes…we must end their dream of world conquest NOW! Soon it will be too late!

3 months ago

90 years ago it started with political opponents, then people with mental health, then gypsies, then Jews and other ethnic minorities. Not much imagination with our government just follow the script in “Mein Kampf”.

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