California’s Super Tuesday Election Marred by Reports of Electronic Ballot Issues for GOP Senate Candidate

During the Super Tuesday election in California, several voters in San Mateo County reported having difficulty locating the name of a Republican contender for the United States Senate on their electronic ballots.

As reported by the Epoch Times, “She (pseudonym Voter X) requested to remain anonymous because she lives in an area where the majority of residents are Democrats. She said that she was worried about being exposed to potential retaliation.”

The voting place she visited was at Foster City Community Center. She told The Epoch Times that when she voted at 8 a.m., she couldn’t find Republican candidate Steve Garvey on the voting machine.

The report noted that California has two vacant seats in the United States Senate—one for a six-year full term and another for a six-month term—and Garvey has run for both.

Voter X stated that after going back and forth multiple times on the voting machine, seeking for the name “Steve Garvey” on the electronic ballot, she only found him listed as a candidate for the six-month seat, not the full-term position.

Voter X then requested assistance from the voting station’s supervisor. The supervisor informed her that he was aware of the matter and had reported it to the main office a few days earlier.

In the end, Voter X had to type in Garvey’s name for the United States Senate full-term position, but she was unsure whether her vote would be tallied correctly.

She stated that when her husband went to the same voting location to vote, he had no trouble locating the name of the same candidate for both U.S. Senate seats.

Voter X indicated that she has previously worked on an election integrity initiative and as a vote observer.

Garvey is competing against Democratic candidate Adam Schiff. Prior to the election, polls suggested that these two candidates were leading in a close battle.

The Epoch Times also contacted three additional voters who voted for Garvey at a separate polling location, the San Carlos Library in San Mateo County. They all stated that they had difficulties finding Garvey on the voting machine, but they were ultimately able to locate his name.

Trisha Seevers stated that she went back and forth multiple times but couldn’t find Garvey’s name for the full-term position. She was ready to give up until she picked the write-in candidate option, and then Garvey’s name appeared.

Rep. Adam Schiff and baseball great Steve Garvey are projected to move forward in the race for the US Senate seat left open by the late Diane Feinstein.

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By Melinda Davies
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