California D.A. Dropped ‘Explosive’ Election Fraud Case Because It Might Help Trump

In California, an explosive new report exposes a county district attorney who dropped an election fraud case, and by all appearances, it was because it was supported by President Donald Trump.

As reported by Margot Cleveland of The Federalist, “L.A. County District Attorney George Gascon improperly — and for political reasons — dismissed the criminal charges against the CEO of election software services company Konnech.”

The Federalist report cites a government tort complaint filed Wednesday that reveals how Gascon felt political pressure to drop the Trump-supported case because it appeared to corroborate his claims that U.S. elections were insecure from potential hacking from abroad.

Konnech’s CEO Eugene Yu was “later arrested and extradited to California, where the far-left Gascon eventually dismissed the criminal charges against Yu,” the report adds.

“L.A. County later also approved a $5 million payout to Yu to settle a civil lawsuit the Konnech CEO had filed against the government.”

Cleveland provides critical background on the government ethics complaint:

According to Neff, Yu, through Konnech, provided services to Los Angeles under a nearly $3 million contract: “As part of this contract, Konnech was entrusted with sensitive and confidential information regarding County election workers…”

Following an investigation and the eventual execution of a search warrant at Konnech, Yu’s “computer servers were confiscated,” Neff explained.

District attorney investigations, according to Neff’s complaint, “recovered several explosive pieces of evidence in the form of electronic communications as well as one cooperating witness — an employee with knowledge of the company’s facially inadequate practices and procedures.”

That evidence showed, according to Neff, that “Konnech was sending sensitive [Personal Identifying Information] data to Chinese-owned and operated third-party contractors through Chinese-owned and operated messaging applications.”

The government tort complaint filed by lead prosecutor Eric Neff lays bare the evolution of Gascon’s decision-making during the course of the Konnech lawsuit.

Neff Tort Claim by The Federalist

The complaint shows how Gascon felt political pressure from the case due to Donald Trump’s retweeting a Washington Examiner story on the case in October 2022.

The complaint then claims that the election case caused concerns among the “far-right wing” and “election deniers” despite the strong documented case evidence suggesting that Konnech was routing insecure elections data to Chinese servers.

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The governmental tort claim then puts forward its charge that Gascon unlawfully dropped the charges against Eugene Yu due to “motivating reasons” including “Mr. Gascon’s political gain.”

“There would be a fraud upon the court… for the representation and misrepresentation of the real reasons behind the [case] dismissal because it was politically motivated,” the lawsuit added.

By Melinda Davies
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29 days ago

So many DAs don’t pass the smell test!
This is George Soros’ doing.
Justice perverted.

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