BREAKING UPDATE: Judge Denies Trump Lawyer’s Request for Mistrial in ‘Hush-Money’ Case

A lawyer representing ex-President Donald Trump has filed for a mistrial in the “hush-money” case following testimony from Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels, on Tuesday. The lawyer argued that Clifford’s remarks were unfairly biased, but the judge rejected their motion.

During proceedings at the Manhattan court, Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, pointed out that Ms. Clifford’s recent assertions regarding her purported encounter and alleged affair with President Trump in 2006 differ from her earlier statements.

Blanche emphasized that her testimony is irrelevant to the case, which revolves around accusations of President Trump falsifying business records. He suggested that her comments were designed to to prejudice the jury.

“What’s the jury to do with that?” he said, referring to her comments.

“It’s still extraordinarily prejudicial to insert safety … concerns into a trial about business records.”

“There’s no way to un-ring the bell in our view,” Mr. Blanche said.

“She testified today about consent, about danger, and that’s not the story she was peddling. Sorry, that’s not the story she was selling when she signed non-disclosure agreements in 2016,” he added.

He also stated that his team “regrettably” feels “that there should be a mistrial” declared in the case. A mistrial can occur when a jury is unable to reach a verdict or when significant procedural errors or misconduct taint the fairness of the trial, prompting a judge to order a new trial with a new jury.

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“Judge, I don’t think anybody can listen to what that witness said and think that has anything to do with the charged offense, and it’s the type of testimony that is so prejudicial that you run the risk of the jury not being able to focus on the evidence that does matter,” Mr. Blanche argued.

However, prosecutors held a different view, as assistant district attorney Susan Hoffinger countered, stating that Ms. Clifford’s testimony is “not new” and “not a new account.”

“This goes directly to her credibility, which they attacked, and I’m sure will continue to attack,” Ms. Hoffinger said.

President Trump took to his social media account to express his opinion, stating that prosecutors have “gone too far” and asserting that a “mistrial” should be ordered. The post was shared just before court proceedings resumed on Tuesday afternoon.

In response, Judge Juan Merchan rejected the request for a mistrial but acknowledged that Ms. Clifford’s actions couldn’t be managed and that certain questions should not have been asked.

“Whether these are new stories or not new stories the remedy is on cross examination,” the judge said, adding, “I don’t believe we’re at a point where a mistrial is warranted.”

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