BREAKING UPDATE: DOJ Leaks Steve Bannon’s Prison Assignment — To Serve Alongside Sex Offenders and Violent Criminals

The Department of Justice has leaked details about how political prisoner Steve Bannon will serve his sentence to its close media ally, CNN.

Steve Bannon, a former Trump strategist and now a popular radio host, is expected to report to prison on July 1st to begin serving a four-month sentence for refusing to testify before Liz Cheney’s January 6 Committee.

Bannon’s lawyers had hoped to secure him a spot in the more comfortable “Club Fed” prison facility, but DOJ sources told CNN that he would instead serve his sentence in a low-security facility.

As reported by CNN:

When former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon goes to prison, he won’t be serving time at what’s known as a “Club Fed,” the most comfortable type of facility in the federal system, as he had wanted, according to people familiar with the arrangements.

Instead of a minimum-security prison camp, where many nonviolent offenders serve their time, Bannon – now a right-wing podcaster with a following of loyal Trump supporters – is set to report next month to the low-security federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, one of the sources told CNN.

A federal judge ruled recently that Bannon must turn himself in by July 1 to begin serving a four-month sentence for contempt of Congress even as he appeals the case. His attorneys initially thought he may be able to do his time at a camp, the sources said.

Sources who spoke with CNN also confirmed that Bannon is likely to serve time alongside violent criminals and sex offenders, though the majority of the prison population will consist of white-collar criminals:

The prison in Connecticut where Bannon will live houses a large number of white-collar criminals, but it also may house violent and sex offenders in its men’s population.

It doesn’t have cells, and instead houses its inmates in open pods. Yet it does have a noticeable barrier — referred to colloquially as “the wall” — between the prison facility and the outside world, which prison camps don’t have.

More than 1,000 male prisoners are in the Danbury facility. Its much smaller adjacent prison camp for women was immortalized in a former prisoner’s memoir that inspired the TV show “Orange is the New Black.”

In an interview with Tucker Carlson last week, Bannon said that his prison sentence was a small price to pay for winning the political revolution against the Biden administration.

“Hey, I served my country on a Navy ship, I’ll serve my country as a political prisoner, in a federal prison for a misdemeanor,” he said. “I don’t bat one eye. I’ll do whatever, whatever it takes to win this revolution, whatever we have to do.”

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By Hunter Fielding
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