Brain Damage Soaring Among Covid mRNA Vaxxed

A major investigation has been launched into Covid mRNA injections as soaring numbers of vaccinated people have been reported with brain damage and neurological issues.

International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC) session hearing where expert witnesses were called to testify about the issues caused by the shots.

The experts noted that the cases initially began to emerge in the form of personality changes.

However, more serious issues are now occurring at alarming rates, with severe cases of neurological damage now being reported among the vaxxed public, even months after they received the injections.

Some experts are now likening the cases to lobotomies.

Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich interviewed Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Prof. Dr. Karina Reiss, Dr. Naomi Wolf, and Dr. Peter R. Breggin about various matters concerning COVID jabs, including what they are really for, what they are doing to people and what future vaccines will look like based on the emerging mRNA (or modRNA, according to some) technological framework.

Dr. Wolf, an author and journalist, talked specifically about the post-injection breaking of people’s will and what it looks like in the current state of the world.

Dr. Breggin expanded upon this by highlighting the disturbing parallels between the effects of mRNA on the human mind and the lobotomization practices of old.

“Most people know lobotomy only from the movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ although the Covid-crisis has revealed that nothing remains too sinister or creepy for Big Pharma to design and include in products that are intended for injection into populations en mass [sic] under the label of a ‘vaccine,'” notes The Exposé.

Not only do COVID jabs cause profound physical damage to bodily organs as we have been covering for many months now, but they also damage and destroy the tiny capillaries that exist in the brain as part of the critically important blood-brain barrier.

This barrage of destruction caused by the shots eventually leads to major personality changes in recipients, the experts discuss in the above video.

In essence, COVID jabs are eating away at people’s brains in real-time and turning them into lobotomized zombies.

The master plan with all this seems to be to subdue the planet under some kind of mind control as this lobotomization allows for the subsequent brainwashing of jab recipients, possibly with the help of 5G and other advanced anti-population weaponry.

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Eventually, all so-called “vaccines” will bear the mark of mRNA, which means everyone will eventually be brain-destroyed and reprogrammed.

These include future vaccines for measles, influenza, and other infectious diseases.

Cattle used for food are also now receiving mRNA injections, which taint meat and dairy products with whatever those jabs contain.

Be aware that the above discussion delves much more in-depth into the details of this chemical lobotomization process and how it displays in COVID-19 jab recipients.

The zombie-like aspects of the discussion hearken back to the CDC’s “zombie apocalypse” warning from years back, pre-COVID.

By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

I think those who lined up for the poison shot, were brain damaged to begin with…

6 months ago

Uhh, ig’nate and/or brain damage came first don’tcha think?

Tharris Harrison
Tharris Harrison
6 months ago

This presentation is earth shattering, and should be relayed to everyone on this planet in every language, German money and influence upon WHO is terrifying,and a reality. If you know anyone that has had the vaccine,keep them close and monitor them as this information becomes more mainstream, they will be in a very scared condition! And as the presenter said this is wrong! Being very polite!! It’s almost Christmas 2023 , and the panic is coming in a big way, where we go for here ? We need to remember how?we got here first. Please sign up with a Text +447732155002 UNITED WE STAND ALONE WE ARE NOTHING

Billy Bob
Billy Bob
6 months ago

I’ve tried to keep the injected close. They refuse to discuss the subject. The problem is they see the pure bloods as enemies. They reject any and all contact with people who refused the vax.

Billy Bob
Billy Bob
6 months ago

That sure exolains what I’ve been noticing.

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