BLM Mob Charges People Leaving Kyle Rittenhouse Event, Police Respond to Create ‘Safe Space’

Around 200 BLM and radical activists gathered outside the UC Theatre at the University of Memphis on Wednesday night to counter-protests Kyle Rittenhouse’s scheduled address.

A 17-year-old Rittenhouse defended himself against BLM activists in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August 2020. Rittenhouse, who was armed, believed he was in mortal danger and fired on two left-wing protesters and injured a third.

“BLM mob charges at people leaving the Kyle Rittenhouse event at the University of Memphis before blocking them from leaving in the parking garage,” reported Collin Rugg of Trending Politics News.

“Do these clowns not remember the last time they tried doing this when Rittenhouse was in the vicinity?” he added with a laugh. “Police had to step in to prevent the mob from injuring the attendees.”

Charlie Kirk of TPUSA detailed the incredible lengths that the U. of Memphis went to in order to “hamstring” the campus event, along with the left-wingers’ threats of violence.

“HAPPENING NOW: Leftwing agitators are swarming the University of Memphis ahead of tonight’s campus event with Kyle Rittenhouse, chanting ‘Lock his a** up’ and later ‘F*** his a** up’,” he said.

The school has gone to incredible lengths to hamstring this event, including:

1 – Forcing us to change our ticketing system the day of the event. The university’s excuse is they want to ensure “fair and equitable” ticketing. This means the hundreds of students who thought they had tickets will not get in. This has never happened at one of our events.

2 – Protester groups were somehow tipped off about the school’s new ticketing system and the timing of when they’d be made available, allowing them to reserve large numbers of tickets to stage a walk out. We know this because our students are also in those group chats and alerted us. This also has never happened before.

3 – We had thousands of people register for tickets to this event, but the school would only give us a venue with 330 seat. No overflow. No larger venue.

4 – Our chapter president has been doxxed with his number and address published on social media. The campus police and school administrator shrugged their shoulders.

5 – The administration has said they cannot step in or ask protesters to leave if they attempt to disrupt the event or shout down Kyle.

6 – The school has allowed into the event the student that doxxed our chapter president, knowing this person was responsible for the doxxing.

7 – The protestors have entered the event and are taping the names of the people involved in Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense. The school is not stopping them.

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“This is what happens when school administrators pander to petulant children,” he continued. “You get chaos. Our brave students will press forward but this is unacceptable, especially in a Tennessee.”

“Memphis had record homicides last year, but apparently our students and Kyle Rittenhouse are the problem for the University of Memphis,” he added.

Rittenhouse became a divisive figure throughout the nation in 2020, due in part to dishonest media coverage. It was a shock to BLM activists when he was exonerated of criminal charges in the autumn of 2021 on the grounds of self-defense.

Additionally, numerous members of the U of M community and students were enraged that he was speaking on campus.

The BLM rioters in Kenosha had gathered to voice their outrage at the death of George Floyd, a career criminal who had resisted arrest and died of a fentanyl overdose while being forcibly detained by police officers. A radical mob assaulted and harassed Rittenhouse, one had a

Photographs that captured the incident appeared to show a man kicking Rittenhouse prior to the teen’s weapon being seized by another man on a skateboard. The man riding the skateboard was the same individual who was seen immobile on the ground in the video.

A witness, Julio Rosas, said that when the gunman stumbled, “two people jumped onto him and there was a struggle for control of his rifle. At that point during the struggle, he just began to fire multiple rounds, and that dispersed people near him.”

“The rifle was being jerked around in all directions while it was being fired,” Rosas said.

All of the radical BLM activists shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were white.

The University of Memphis had issued a statement on March 15 ahead of the campus event:

“We have heard many of you expressing concern in regard to an upcoming event featuring Kyle Rittenhouse as a guest speaker. This event is not sponsored by the University of Memphis. A registered student organization is hosting the event.

We understand your concerns. As a public institution, the University of Memphis must uphold its obligation to adhere to the principles of the First Amendment and Tennessee’s Campus Free Speech Act. Due to this obligation, the university cannot legally prohibit the event from taking place.

The expression of differing ideas and opinions plays an important role in maintaining a diverse campus environment that is open and inclusive. The university encourages peaceful, respectful debate among its student population.

It is essential that these discussions take place while maintaining a safe environment on our campus. Speech that includes threats, harassment or attempts to incite violence is not protected under the First Amendment and is strongly prohibited by the university. To maintain our commitment to a safe environment, Campus Police Services has a comprehensive plan to address potential safety concerns as it relates to this event. 

It turned out that it was Kyle Rittenhouse that needed a ‘safe space’ to protect him from BLM activists.

By Melinda Davies
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