BLM Group Backtracks on Its Pro-Hamas Statements Given During War in Israel

Black Lives Matter in Chicago backtracked on its incendiary social media posts against Israel on Wednesday morning, saying it still supported Palestine, despite Israel’s battle with Hamas.

“Yesterday we sent out msgs that we aren’t proud of. We stand with Palestine & the people who will do what they must to live free,” the account wrote.

“Our hearts are with, the grieving mothers, those rescuing babies from rubble, who are in danger of being wiped out completely.”

The group acknowledged the families and civilian victims of the strike in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, and confessed it was not “proud” of the propaganda it sent out.

The Associated Press reports that 1,200 Israelis have been killed so far in the terrorist attack. The death toll includes at least 22 Americans.

A picture of what looks like a Hamas terrorist in a paraglider was shared online by the group on Tuesday with the phrase “I stand with Palestine,” echoing a similar move by other BLM groups. Chicago’s chapter of BLM has broken away from the national nonprofit, which has been silent on the conflict.

BLM Chicago tweeted, “That is all that is it!” in a post on Tuesday.

The organization also shared a graphic depicting the varying levels of celebrity support for Israel and Palestine. All white celebrities like Madonna, Sarah Paulson, and David Schwimmer were picked because they support Israel. According to the Daily Mail, Angela Davis and other persons of color made up the Palestinian side.

Several local chapters of the Black Lives Matter movement, under the umbrella organization BLM Grassroots, have also issued a statement expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people. Similarly, BLM Grassroots has broken links with the organization’s inception.

The BLM Grassroots declaration has been shared by other BLM chapters, such as those in Los Angeles and Detroit. “We stand in love and solidarity with the Palestinian people,” BLM Louisville wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday, adding, “It is without a doubt that imperialism must be dismantled if any nation is to know peace.”

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Since the beginning of the Israeli conflict, controversy has arisen in the United States, with pro-Israel legislators and others condemning domestic figures who appear sympathetic to Hamas, the terrorist organization that occupies and orchestrated the onslaught on the Gaza Strip. The White House has taken a firm stance in support of Israel.

By Melinda Davies
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7 months ago

Gee, I almost give a damn regarding what blm ‘thinks’ – but I don’t. They stand for terror, destruction, stealing, destroying, attacking, and murder. I should care what THEY “think”? I THINK NOT. They’re as bad as Hamas themselves – NOT the Palestinians who they’re identifying with.

William Flyer
William Flyer
7 months ago

Donations and influence for the BLM hucksters must be drying up.
They exposed their TRUE FEELINGS the first time.

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