Bill Maher Implores Biden to Step Aside as ‘He’s Going to Lose to Trump’

Bill Maher called on Joe Biden to make this term his last term as president.

Maher pointed out that the voter’s perception of Biden is that he is “too old” to do the job.

Maher shared that he believes Biden can do the job but that voters perceive him as a “dotard.”

Maher plainly stated he believes Donald Trump will beat Biden if they both go to the general election.

Maher clarified that he is against ageism but also that when someone is showing decline it needs to be honestly called out.

He told his audience that Biden looks like a skeleton of his former self while Donald Trump looks robust.

Maher concluded his rant on Biden with, “You don’t want to go down and Ruth Bader Biden.

“America is calling and they’re saying ‘That’s not our car Grandpa we’re over here.’”

“Dear @JoeBiden, you did noble service for your country, but it’s time to let someone else finish the job.

“You don’t want to go down as Ruth Bader Biden.”

Biden however, has stuck to his guns on his intent to run for a second term.

Many have speculated, however, that if Biden were to drop out for whatever reason, Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom is waiting in the wings.

Newsom has denied this but speculation still abounds.

Many see Donald Trump as the Republican nominee as he continues to lead in the polling by tremendous numbers.

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Next November we will see who is on the ballot.

By Liam Donovan
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