Bill Maher Calls Out Biden for Refusing to Halt Border Crisis: ‘This is All So Silly’

President Joe Biden has retreated into the realm of sheer fantasy with recent statements about the border crisis that he deliberately created on his watch.

“I’ve done all I can do; just give me the power,” Biden said. “Give me the Border Patrol. Give me the judges. Give me the people who can stop this and make it work right.”

But liberal gadfly Bill Maher isn’t buying it. On his latest installment of “Real Time,” Maher hammered Biden for his absurd statement.

“A new law? The president can fix this, he already has the existing laws…This is all so silly… I need a piece of paper from Congress to deal with the border…No, you already have that.”

One could hear the audience express their approval of Maher’s reality check, but they weren’t the only ones. Elon Musk also weighed in on the comment.

“Bill Maher is absolutely right,” he said.

Maher has not been consistent with his remarks on the border crisis, however,

In October 2023, the HBO host not only slammed the Biden administration for its purported efforts to “build a wall,” thereby appearing to adopt a long-criticized Trump policy.

“I feel like this is a disaster for the Democrats,” Maher began. “Trump today said he wants Biden to apologize because it looks like Biden was adopting his policy. This does not look good for the Democrats.”

“Also they look like sanctuary city hypocrites,” he continued. “They were the ones who said, ‘Look, we’re the compassionate people. Everybody should get a shot here.’ And then when they started sending — I mean the quotes from Eric Adams, this is the mayor of liberal New York, ‘This issue will destroy our city.’ The governor [Kathy Hochul], ‘If you’re going to leave your country, go somewhere else.’ Keep walking is from the governor of New York? They put out a flyer in New York City now, says, ‘New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. You are better off going to a more affordable city’… I understand there’s a little ‘I told you so’ on the border.”

As explained in a City Journal article, Biden’s border crisis is clearly intentional.

“The cause of the current crisis is President Joe Biden’s unprecedented refusal to enforce federal immigration law, which requires that all asylum-seekers be detained rather than released into the United States,” the article notes. “The solution, therefore, is for Biden to start enforcing federal law as he is constitutionally required to do—or for Congress to deny the president something else he wants until he does.”

By Melinda Davies
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