Bill Gates Caught Lying, Claims He Never Talked ‘about Masks at All’

Billionaire Bill Gates has been caught lying after claiming in a new interview that he doesn’t “remember” telling the public to wear masks during the pandemic.

As Microsoft co-founder Gates should know, the Internet is forever and videos of his past statements have swiftly debunked his claims.

Gates, who isn’t a doctor, repeatedly demanded that people mask up during the pandemic.

“I don’t remember talking about masks at all,” Gates said during a recent interview.

Ironically, he made the claim while laughing at his interviewer for wearing a “large mask” and “going overboard” during the pandemic.

In reality, Gates could not stop talking about masks.

At one stage during the pandemic, he even tried to shame people into wearing them, saying:

“I just don’t think wearing a mask is such a deep inconvenience.

“I mean, we ask people to wear pants.

“Why was this politicized?”


Perhaps Bill Gates should Google: “Bill Gates says masks.”

There are only 2.6 million results.

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Despite Gates’s attempt to rewrite history, in reality, he urged world governments to punish online users who opposed masks and vaccine mandates.

Gates lamented the rise of so-called “mask hesitancy” and “vaccine hesitancy” among those who choose not to don the coverings or subject themselves to the experimental shots.

Instead of relying on social media to regulate “what stuff should circulate” online regarding scientific discussions on medicine and COVID shots, Gates declared that governments needed to “step up” to control censorship of online media.

He made the calls after criticizing platforms like Facebook for being “a little slow” to bring down the hammer on free speech.

By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

Jail this P0S!

6 months ago

He is such a liar that is Money Hungry and would do Anything to Make Millions More, like buying up farmlands to STOP growing food, but instead he wants to have plants and bugs from them, to shove at people as the
New Food Source! Also invested in a Fake Meat Co. for his ‘synthetic meat that he wants to REPLACE real beef with, as he blames cattle that fart on the Global Warming Hoax, as well as people-but He’s got that covered too, as he wants to “Depopulate the Masses and only allow the Elites like him and HIS family to live!” Proved this, with his vaxxes for Africa, when he had them taking His vaxxes to ‘eliminate 5 major diseases, but instead-His vaxxes killed MORE than the 5 diseases combined! Yep, people like this guy just Hate it when articles, videos and such come out to show his Lies!

6 months ago

Moderator, while you want to await approving my posting, you May want to look up the “Facts that I have researched for a Long time, that would also be available to You!” Why are you afraid to have TRUTH by posters, but an article about Gates(verifiable online) is easy to find? Have been posting for years, and I verify in several places BEFORE I write it in postings….Or, are you Not allowing ‘Freedom of speech’ when WE posters Know the Facts???

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