Bill Gates Caught Funding Major Depopulation Plans

Billionaire Bill Gates has been caught funding shocking experiments that seek to wipe out the vast majority of the human population.

Bombshell new documents reveal that Gates has been funding dangerous bioweapons experiments.

Docs show that Gates has paying scientists to modify “bird flu” to make the virus jump to humans and become incredibly deadly.

It looks as though H5N1, also known as “bird flu,” might just be the next “pandemic” the globalists are planning to unleash – thanks, in part, to a $9.5 million grant the Gates Foundation awarded to the University of Wisconsin – Madison to make H5N1 transmissible to humans and other mammals.

The McCullough Foundation, a project of Dr. Peter McCullough, tweeted that the Gates Foundation gave the $9.5 million to UW-Madison and principal investigator Yoshihiro Kawaoka to modify, possibly through gain-of-function tampering, H5N1 so it will “preferentially recognize human-type receptors and transmit efficiently in mammals.”

Much like bat coronaviruses, which we now know were modified in a lab to jump from bats to humans, H5N1 infects birds in its natural state.

Building upon the research of Ron Fouchier, who previously modified H5N1 to become airborne transmissible in ferrets, UW-Madison and Kawaoka’s research provides two additional mutations that are needed to make Egyptian H5N1 produce “variants” that have mammalian “transmissibility features.”

“This indicates that the @gatesfoundation funded bioterrorist-like activities involving H5N1, providing blueprints for other bad actors who may want to create a bioweapon,” tweeted the McCullough Foundation about these disturbing new revelations.”

Back in 2006, Kawaoka and colleague Taisuke Horimoto published a study aimed at developing new “vaccines” for H5N1 influenza A viruses.

As you may recall if you were around back then, there was a contrived H5N1 scare that went nowhere compared to what happened with COVID.

Both poultry and people reportedly contracted H5N1 at that time, which “raised concerns,” according to Kawaoka and Horimoto, “that a new influenza pandemic might occur in the near future.”

“Effective vaccines against H5N1 virus are, therefore, urgently needed,” they added.

An H5N1 pandemic never materialized, of course, so now they are trying it all again.

Millions of allegedly infected birds all across the country have been slaughtered, and now we have the Gates Foundation funneling cash into more research on H5N1 that conveniently aims to make it more transmissible to humans.

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According to UW-Madison, the five-year grant from Gates is all about identifying certain virus “mutations” that the school says Gates wants to know about that “would serve as early warnings of potential pandemic influenza viruses.”

“Early intervention is critical to the control of influenza virus outbreaks,” Kawaoka commented.

“But in order to intervene, we rely on early recognition of the pandemic potential of newly emerging influenza viruses.”

A news update about the research states that avian viruses in general do not infect human or other mammalian hosts.

It then goes on to state that every once in a while, “a mutation occurs” that changes the game, which is how a pandemic starts.

How that “mutation occurs” is not explained in the article, but Kawaoka and Horimoto are reportedly being paid by Gates to identify an early warning system the moment one does occur that could lead to a global outbreak and pandemic.

“The improved ability to predict whether a virus has pandemic potential would be an invaluable asset to the global community,” Kawaoka added in a statement about the research.

“Millions of lives might be saved if intervention methods – such as social distancing, antiviral compound distribution, and vaccine development/production – could be implemented early.”

If a bird flu “pandemic” is announced, you can be sure that Bill Gates had a direct hand in it.

By Hunter Fielding
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25 days ago

This amounts to mass murder and Gates needs to be arrested along with all of his cohorts and put out of OUR misery!

25 days ago
Reply to  elizabethrc

go ahead and do that. Don’t be pathetic, they control this world of idiots.

25 days ago

Yes…there are actual James Bond villains.
Why can’t we recognize this horrible threat?
Elites are building underground bunkers!
They are telling us exactly what is planned for us little people…extinction!
They count on OUR DISBELIEF! Otherwise, their plans wouldn’t be out in the open. In this way, they mock us!
Gates, the UN/WHO, and the Nazis at the WEF believe we will do nothing.
I hope they’re wrong.

22 days ago
Reply to  ;^)

biden is taking his nap and every democrap is bought off….

25 days ago

so what? They are in control.

22 days ago

Here is proof Gates is funding the bird flu virus yet no one is arresting him and he’s going to release it. He also believes he can sell his vaccine for bird flu??? This mass murderer should suffer lead poisoning very soon… Before he is able to releaser his paid-for virus to the public.
Who’s going to wake up biden from his long naps at the White House…

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