Bill Gates: ‘Bird Flu Is the Next Disease X’

Billionaire Bill Gates has declared that bird flu is the “Disease X” that globalists have been prepping as the “next pandemic.”

Ever since the Covid pandemic fizzled and the general public took back their freedoms, globalists have been planning for a more deadly and destructive pandemic.

In recent months, the corporate media has been steadily building fear over avian influenza mysteriously jumping from birds to humans.

The media warns that bird flu is far more deadly than Covid, prompting members of the public to demand vaccines.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical company factories have been working around the clock to produce millions of doses of mRNA vaccines for bird flu.

As the 2024 presidential election draws near, globalists are now confirming that “Disease X” that they have been planning for the past two years or more is actually bird flu.

GAVIs, a global vaccine alliance founded by Bill Gates, has just confirmed that bird flu is “the next Disease X.”

The World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the CDC, and CEPI have also now declared that bird flu is positioned as the next “Disease X.”

However, the most alarming part is that leading scientists have already proven that bird flu was modified in a biolab using gain-of-function research to make it just to humans with deadly consequences.

World-renowned American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough is now raising the alarm over the situation as governments prepare to lock down and vax their citizens ahead of the November elections.

Dr. McCullough says:

“What we’ve learned is … that [the current strain of bird flu was a result of] gain-of-function research.

“Gain-of-function research, doing what’s called serial passage.

“That is, keep trying over and over again to pass the virus and to make it more dangerous.”

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Meanwhile, McCullough has also released a list of four key conspirators in the “Greatest Crime in Human History.”

According to McCullough, the list is as follows:

1.) Dr. Anthony Fauci

“Fauci was in on it the entire time. He was pretending like he was responding to something that was brand new, but he knew the entire time.

“In fact, he was part of a conspiracy to cover up where the virus came from.”

2.) Dr. Ralph Baric, Professor of Epidemiology and researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“He’s the one who engineered taking part of a bat coronavirus onto a human coronavirus and making it invade and be lethal.”

3.) Dr. Peter Daszak, President of the EcoHealth Alliance.

“He carried the plans from Baric over to China.”

4.) Dr. Shi Zhengli, Senior scientist and researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. “The bat lady.”

“She went into the bat caves and handled the bats and harvested the virus, and they published papers.”

Dr. McCullough ended on this note:

“They telegraphed it.

“They said, ‘It [COVID] is ready to go.’

“That’s what these papers say, ‘It’s ready to go. We’ve got it. We created the virus.’

“They announced it in broad daylight.”

By Hunter Fielding
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19 days ago

“… already proven that bird flu was modified in a bio lab using gain-of-function research…”

Tell me how this is different from a terrorist making a bomb! The terrorist arrogantly publishes his intent worldwide.
WE KNOW exactly who the guilty parties are, and they’re TELLING US their intent! And why not? They engineered COVID to be deadly…and then set off the bomb worldwide…and there were NO REPERCUSSIONS! Why not try again? Maybe this time they’ll reach their stated goal of eliminating 80% of humanity!
Here’s my point…these globalist elites are telling us that they intend to continue the genocide! They’ve told us they create the deadly diseases (bioweapons) in a lab for the purpose of killing you and I. This is the second attempt! They are PROUD of themselves! They mock us because we DID NOTHING after the first attack! They laugh at us. They consider themselves God-Like, and they assume authority over us.
WHY IN GOD’S NAME are these monsters still FREE to explode a bigger bomb! They are openly threatening humanity, and WE DO NOTHING!
If Bird Flew is released with horrendous deaths across the planet…maybe we deserve to die. If we’re so stupid to stand by and passively watch another bio-attack, maybe we don’t deserve to live. Perhaps the globalists are right. Maybe we are “useless,” if we don’t have the intelligence to stop the monsters responsible…
BEFORE millions more die.

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