Bill Gates: AI Must ‘Dominate’ Humanity to ‘Save Democracy’

Billionaire Bill Gates has declared that artificial intelligence (AI) must be allowed to “dominate” the human race so that politicians and globalist elites can “save democracy.”

Gates recently interviewed OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to discuss the future of AI and the potential for new global controls to maintain peace, safety, and democracy around the world.

The question is: Whose ideas must the global population submit to in order for there to be world peace?

OpenAI and Microsoft are currently working to promote artificial intelligence as a tool for influencing governments around the world and for solving global challenges.

During the interview, Gates and Altman lamented how the U.S. government failed to reign in “polarization” across social media over the past four years.

They believe that AI could solve the problem of “polarization” and therefore “save democracy.”

To do this, AI would have to be engineered in a way to control speech and impose lies as facts – brainwashing the population with propaganda and deceiving people until everyone is forced to agree for the sake of “unity.”

Sadly, the U.S. government did engage directly with social media companies over the past four years — but it was to shadow ban, censor and blacklist important information that challenged pharmaceutical and government narratives.

These narratives of propaganda and control were destructive to society.

For example, the “safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccine narrative was used to bribe, shame, impose false virtue and instill false guilt to manipulate people into taking it. Any real scientific information about the COVID jabs was blacklisted.

Whoever controls AI will be able to shape public opinion and wield significant influence over people.

With AI, propaganda can more readily be disguised as fact.

It will take incredible discernment and wisdom to understand how AI systems are engineered to control people at the psychological, emotional, and behavioral levels.

If AI is engineered by people like Bill Gates, we can expect his version of “world peace” to come with censorship of dissenting voices.

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We can also expect a complete abandonment of the scientific method (and ethics), and nonstop vilification of the truth on matters that concern our individual health and freedom.

During the conversation, Gates explored the idea of using AI as an instrument to foster “unity” throughout society.

Forcing all people to obey narratives that are propagated by Bill Gates will come at a high cost.

The global elite’s gambit for this kind of “world peace” will most certainly backfire, leading to mass protests and further societal division.

This type of rebellion was already witnessed during the installation of COVID vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, two ideas imposed by Bill Gates and his colleagues from the World Economic Forum.

From Australia to Europe to Canada, populations pushed back against the censorship, abuse and unlawful mandates.

However, even this reality could all be rewritten with AI that is engineered by people like Bill Gates.

Gates spoke excitedly on the topic of using AI to promote his version of world peace: “I do think AI, in the best case, can help us with some hard problems…

“Including ‘polarization’ because potentially that breaks democracy and that would be a super bad thing.”

Gates also said, “Whether AI can help us go to war less, be less polarized; you’d think as you drive intelligence…

“I’d love to have people working on the hardest human problems, like whether we get along with each other.

“I think that would be extremely positive if we thought the AI could contribute to humans getting along with each other.”

To properly promote Bill Gates’s style of “world peace,” AI would have to be engineered to re-write history on the crimes that Gates financed and participated in during the COVID-19 scandal.

AI would have to be engineered to exonerate Gates and his colleagues for imposing policies that violated human rights, imposed segregation, and caused mass harm.

The computing systems would need to weed out the truth about vaccine injury and vaccine mandates — which upended so many people’s lives.

Gates was one of the biggest cheerleaders for these lockdown policies that sought to vaccinate every man, woman, and child against their will.

During the conversation, Gates also showed his support for global government. “If the key is to stop the entire world from doing something dangerous, you’d almost want global government, which today for many issues, like climate, terrorism, we see that it’s hard for us to cooperate,” Gates said.

Of course, one of the most “dangerous” things people can do is refuse to get vaccinated and refuse to accept global governance to solve “the climate crisis.”

As the top financier of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates funded scientists who decried infamously that “vaccine hesitancy” was one of the biggest threats to the world today.

With Gates meddling in AI, we’re bound to get more of the same propaganda and computing systems that work to defend Bill Gates against the court of public opinion.

AI and news aggregation tools that are programmed with specific democratic ideals and belief systems will inevitably divide people further and backfire against their engineers.

By Hunter Fielding
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J West
J West
5 months ago

Bill Gates is near the top of the list of people who should no longer be considered part of the human race. His death-wish for most of us and his desire to live in a world run by AI …. says it all.

I hope he drowns in barrel of excrement. It is what he deserves.

5 months ago

Who let that kookoo out of the asylum again??? He thinks he’s god when in reality he’s just a delusional rat.

5 months ago

Someone please educate this a-hole regarding democracy – which never existed. The Greeks and the Founding Fathers knew that giving citizens the power to control, lead, and/or make changes meant they were giving their own power away. The landowners, who were the leading politicians of the day recognized that giving power to the poor who outnumbered the wealthy – no different than today – did not need or deserve any power. That power needed to be assigned to the rich and educated only so they designed the Constitution, the Bill of Rights et al assigning all power to themselves. America was NEVER a democratic country nor any other country either. It would be self-defeating.

Every time he opens his mouth, he displays ignorance.

Robert P
Robert P
5 months ago


5 months ago

Gates spoke excitedly on the topic of using AI to promote his version of world peace: “I do think AI, in the best case, can help us with some hard problems… Yes but the hardest problem is getting rid of Bill Gates

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
5 months ago
Reply to  Jeremy

I don’t; I believe all those will vanish, when Jesus assumes rulership, after Armageddon! Yhwh God has all the answers we need, NOT some (flawed human) programmed machine! Someone has to program AI, and I have no doubt gates believes he’s just the man for that job!

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
5 months ago

Would someone please get this guy in a “rubber room” before he does more people harm???

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