Bill Gates Abandons ‘Climate Crisis’ Agenda, Admits Narrative Is a Hoax

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has made a surprising U-turn regarding the globalist green agenda by suddenly admitting that the “climate crisis” narrative is a hoax.

Bill Gates, author of “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” spent the last decade warning audiences that the world is overpopulated and subject to impending climate doom.

In order to save the planet, Bill Gates says we must achieve “zero net carbon emissions by the year 2050.”

Meanwhile, Gates continues to traverse the world in his private jets, spewing more carbon emissions in one year than the average person does in their entire lifetime.

As more people see through the climate change façade and realize how their lives are being exploited by globalism, Bill Gates is suddenly changing his tune on the climate doom narrative.

During a live speaking event at the Times Center in New York, Gates made a sudden U-turn on his climate doom narrative.

He said, “No temperate country is going to become uninhabitable.”

Gate’s latest comments are in stark contrast to the public comments he made just two years ago, when his book on climate doom was first published.

In a 2021 Fox News Sunday interview with Chris Wallace, Bill Gates said, “The migration that we saw out of Syria for their civil war, which was somewhat weather dependent, we’re going to have 10 times as much migration because the equatorial areas will become unlivable.”

Now he suddenly believes the opposite is true, and it’s easy to see why he is softening his stance.

The fear-driven, end-of-the-world climate change doom narrative is no longer working on the masses, and Gates knows that people see through the manipulation and exploitation, so he is adapting his message.

In his most recent public speech, Gates said, “If you try to do climate brute force, you will get people who say, ‘I like climate but I don’t want to bear that cost and reduce my standard of living.’”

In other words, Gates knows his climate investments are helping to destroy the standard of living for millions worldwide.

The poor and working class are the ones who are most impacted by the globalists’ net zero climate change policies and the Green New Deal energy rationing and money laundering that is taking place globally.

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The United Nation’s central planning of agriculture and energy production has stifled both, driving up the cost of food and energy and reducing the standard of living for many.

Now, populations are pushing back against socialism, green new deals, and the “ESG” (environment, social, and governance) schemes that have infiltrated corporations and governments around the world.

These policies have slowed economic growth, increased energy costs and wasted billions of taxpayer dollars.

Fossil fuels still represent approximately 80 percent of U.S. energy production and consumption, so the Biden regime’s attempts to shut pipelines and drilling down has only hurt the poor and working class who depend on affordable energy prices just to get by.

In the U.S., the $27 billion “National Climate Bank,” created by Biden’s green new deal, has only led to waste, fraud, abuse, and outright socialism.

Government central planners (like climate czar John Kerry) are entitled to pick the winners and losers in the economy, stifling market innovation and upending countless jobs and livelihoods.

Meanwhile, all this self-destruction of American energy and innovation is making the U.S. more vulnerable to foreign nations like Russia.

Russia, not beholden to the UN’s climate change hysteria and population controls, is gaining leverage over the U.S. and Europe with their robust, diversified energy production and transport systems.

For these reasons alone, Bill Gates and the green new deal-pushing globalists are out of touch with reality.

Not only are they making it harder for the average person to eat, commute to work, and cool/heat their homes, but their delusional policies are also breaking down the sovereignty of nations, making populations more vulnerable and the world less safe in the process.

By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

First off, what’s your motive behind your current and unexpected display of truth? Is your acknowledgement of deliberate responsibility behind your ‘death vax’ to be expected any time soon?

Cary Ke
Cary Ke
6 months ago

The atmosphere of the planet Earth is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen that is 99% of the atmosphere. .934% is Argon. The last .066% is .041% CO2. All of hers gases comprise of .025% of the atmosphere. Pretending that ,0004: 4 ten thousandths which represents the CO2 content changing by a few ten thousandths is going to alter climate ignores the 99.975% that remains unchanged. Of course climate change is a HOAX,

6 months ago
Reply to  Cary Ke

Good points, and recently Scientist Clauser, PROVED the points you wrote along with 16,000 Other Scientists showing that Climate Change Hysteria is just a HOAX. He and others KNOW the score and that this is a “Control Factor by these Ego Maniacs to turn Us, into Sheep, as they tried with the CCP Deliberate Virus, that shut down America’s Economy, that Trump had humming along, with HIS LEADERSHIP, that Obama’s/Soros/Bidens/etal. wanted to CRASH, as the CCP Virus was and IS a “Political Stunt to Rig our Elections~!

Al Johnson
Al Johnson
6 months ago

Gates is pulling another scam…. while it appears he is softening his stance he is really conning people into complacency, saying, don’t worry, but anyone who believes him needs to look around and check out the rapid movement in the 2030 agenda. Then watch the video, “No Farmers, No Food, Will You Eat the Bugs” on Youtube or Epoch TV. Tyhe WEF, UN, EU and everyone else involved in the Depopulation movement is movi9ng faster every day – calling for acceleration of the agenda.

6 months ago

I have never liked this man , and I wonder why he is admitting truth this after being on the other side of the fence for so long?

6 months ago
Reply to  jon

Do not trust him.

6 months ago

Moderator, Just curious, as to WHY you keep “giving me air messages that “my postings are awaiting approval”…Just Who is in charge of such and Why does your site look Much like that of “Slay?” You say you’d love to have us comment, but Verified postings from many sources I do get daily/use, raises your “Moderator is awaiting approval” Who does Run this site, btw?

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