Biden’s Campaign Director Claims Trump and His Supporters Are To Blame for America’s Financial Woes

The communications director for the Biden-Harris campaign argued that “a brick wall of MAGA extremism” has contributed to Americans struggling financially and working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

“That’s precisely why we need another four years to continue to finish the job, right? I think it’s important, too, that the president, of course, wants to get all of this done,” Biden campaign official Michael Tyler told CNN’s Victor Blackwell on “First of All with Victor Blackwell” on Saturday.

“But we have to be honest about the brick wall of MAGA extremism that we continue to run into when we’re trying to get things done for the American people,” he added.

Tyler was addressing a question about President Biden’s earlier statement that Americans should not have to work two jobs just to stay afloat and avoid falling below the poverty line.

“The Labor Department numbers came out for the third quarter, nearly 8.4 million people in this country are working at least two jobs. That’s the highest number since 2019. So when people are looking for that economic shift, they don’t feel it,” Blackwell said, before pointing to a woman who is working three jobs to make ends meet.

Tyler asserted that the Biden administration requires an additional four years in the White House to “get the work done” for the economy.

“Are we going to continue the work to build an economy that grows and the middle out and the bottom up? Or do we want to return to the failed trickle-down economic policies that Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans put into place for generations,” he stated.

“This is the work that we have to do over the next four years. The president understands the challenges. He understands people’s concerns, and he is doing the work to solve them. And so we have to make sure that everybody gets out and votes on November 2024, so we can get the work done,” he concluded.

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By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

I think he ment, USAinc. Problems!


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