Biden to Seal Historic 10-Year Security Deal with Ukraine at G-7 Summit

President Biden is set to open this year’s G-7 summit in Italy by signing a 10-year security agreement between the United States and Ukraine, according to the White House.

Biden will sign the agreement alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The deal ensures that the U.S. will continue supplying Ukraine with military equipment and weapons as the country defends itself against the Russian invasion.

The deal would not be binding once Biden leaves office, however, and former President Trump would be able to reverse the deal if he is elected in November.

“We want to demonstrate that the U.S. supports the people of Ukraine, that we stand with them, and that we’ll continue to help address their security needs not just tomorrow but out into the future,” National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters on Air Force One.

“If Vladimir Putin thinks that he can outlast the coalition supporting Ukraine, he’s wrong,” Sullivan added.

Republicans on Capitol Hill are increasingly skeptical about ongoing U.S. funding for Ukraine. Some have demanded more oversight of how the money is spent, while others are pushing to cut off the funding entirely.

Trump himself has also demanded that Europe step up its support for Ukraine, lessening the load on the U.S.

“Why can’t Europe equalize or match the money put in by the United States of America in order to help a country in desperate need?” Trump wrote in April.

He clarified that Ukraine’s “survival and strength” was important to the U.S. but that it should be of greater concern to Europe.

“GET MOVING EUROPE!” Trump added. “In addition, I am the only one who speaks for ‘ME’ and, while it is a total mess caused by Crooked Joe Biden and the Incompetent Democrats, if I were President, this War would have never started!”

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By Hunter Fielding
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