Biden Takes Cheapshot at Trump for Not ‘Respecting Our Troops’ on Veterans Day

Joe Biden took a cheapshot at Donald Trump on Veterans Day — but people were quick to remind him of his track record of insulting the troops and veterans.

“If you don’t respect our troops, you can’t lead them,” he claimed.

Then, Biden’s handlers rolled out a series of context-dropped quotes to mislead the American public about Trump’s alleged lack of patriotic respect for the military.

“Why should I go to the cemetery? It is filled with losers,” the video claimed Trump said.

The video also claims that Trump called the fallen veterans, “suckers.”

Left-wing “fact checker” Snopes says about the quotes, “there appeared to be no evidence of an audio or video recording of the remarks in question, nor was there any documentation, such as transcripts or presidential notes, to independently confirm or deny the alleged quotes’ authenticity.”

The alleged quotes rely on anonymous sources in an Atlantic article.

On the other hand, there is video of Joe Biden calling troops, “stupid bastards.”

[embedded content]

The best that “fact checkers” could do to bail Biden out of this insulting line was to claim that angry responses sharing the quote were “missing context.”

The Biden-Harris video also accurately shows Donald Trump belittling the late Senator John McCain’s military service, such as his quote that, “We’re not going to support that loser’s funeral.”

Trump had said about McCain that, “He was a war hero because he was captured,” adding, “I like people who weren’t captured.”

But contemporary actions by Joe Biden show that he has little ground to stand on when it comes to respecting Americans’ troops.

In 2021, Biden was criticized for appearing to check his watch during the dignified transfer of 13 soldiers remains.

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The military troops had died during President Biden’s rushed, disastrous pullout from Afghanistan after twenty years of war.

A mortar attack occurred on August 26, 2021 outside the Kabul Airport, as part of the mismanaged withdrawal. This incident claimed the lives of 170 Afghan civilians and 13 U.S. service members.

When the remains of the fallen soldiers were later returned, Biden checked his watch numerous times while paying his respects, which many Gold Star families deemed “disrespectful.”

On Veterans Day, Donald Trump honored the troops and made a pledge to treat them with more respect on day one of his presidency.

“Let’s express our eternal gratitude to every veteran in this room—and every proud veteran across the great state of New Hampshire,” Trump began his speech.

Trump also paid tribute to a number of Gold Star family members who had lost loved ones in the tragic withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan under the Biden administration.

The former president then made a commitment that should he reclaim the White House, veterans “will once again receive the loyalty, respect, and support they so richly deserve and have earned.”

He said, “I will also make it a personal mission to completely eradicate veterans’ homelessness in America.”

Best of all, Trump made a promise to veterans: “I will prevent World War 3.”

The Biden years have been marked by military intervention in foreign conflicts abroad, such as the ongoing proxy war in Ukraine, and an explosion of violence in the Middle East.

Trump at his rally in New Hampshire on Saturday highlighted his successful foreign policy of “peace through strength.”

Meanwhile, this is what is happening to veterans under the Biden administration.

Returning respect to America’s military veterans can’t come soon enough.

By Melinda Davies
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